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Welcome to the most extensive weaves collection.  We provide everything from straight to curly weaves and long to short weaves, and everything in between.  Weaves are as old and widespread as beauty itself.  Few actually know that hair extensions in general date as far back as Ancient Egypt.  For a long time, weave hair was used only by the rich and famous, but over the last couple of decades hair weaves have become much more accessible in terms of cost, and they have been growing in popularity ever since. 

Best Weave in South Africa

Volure provides some of the best weaves in South Africa.  We have been selling sew in weaves for many years and have been installing and styling them for even longer.  We started with only a physical shop but now sell weaves online to thousands of clients.  Volure's hair weaves use only the best quality hair available.  We take care to make sure that each bundle is properly screened to ensure the highest quality to our clients.  Our weave hair are either strictly virgin (in the case of straight styles) or nearly so - this is because sew in weaves that are wavy or curly need to undergo some processing to achieve their textures.  To experience the best hair weaves in SA, come to our shop in Ferndale, Randburg.  If you live far, your can always purchase your Volure weaves online and have them shipped to you.

Brazilian Weaves and Peruvian Weaves

There are several types of human hair weaves.  The following section summarises key features of Peruvian weaves, Brazilian weaves, Indian weaves and Malaysian weaves.

PERUVIAN WEAVE:  Peruvian weave is perhaps the coarsest of the different weave hair.  This hair is known to be extremely versatile and resilient.  Because of its thick texture, it handles many rounds of straightening and curling quite well.  Peruvian weaves can sometimes be difficult to style, exactly because of the coarseness and thickness of the hair.  To handle Peruvian weave, use a little leave-in conditioner to maintain manageability and shine. Peruvian weaves are often said to blend well with African hair given the coarseness, but also with thick Caucasian hair as well. 

BRAZILIAN WEAVE:  Now a Brazilian weave is the most well known hair weave and as a result the most sought after.  Brazilian weaves are loved by many because of the thick yet soft and flowy texture.  You get the thickness of a Peruvian weave, but without the coarseness.  Brazilian weaves are easy to manipulate into different hairstyles and are a must-have in every client's hair extensions closet! A Brazilian weave is full, thick and simply fabulous.

INDIAN HAIR WEAVE:  Indian hair weave is very lightweight and almost feathery in texture. This is the go to hair weave when you want something easy to style and are not worried about matching your natural hair texture to the weave texture.  In many cases (e.g when wearing a matching closure), this is not a big deal.  Indian hair weaves are popular in many other markets such as the US, but less so in South Africa. However, if you haven't tried an Indian hair weave, you may be missing out. 

MALAYSIAN WEAVE:  Loved for the sleekness and strong shine, a Malaysian weave is a great way to get attention!  We recommend Malaysian weaves for clients with a lighter skin tone and straighter natural hair.  This is to make sure that your Malaysian weave doesn't look too different from what your natural hair or skin tone would suggest. Quite simply, a Malaysian weave blends with relaxed looks and silky hair. It is generally quite shiny and easy to flatiron for those who prefer a sleek look.

LACE WEAVE:  Many people think lace weaves are actually weaves (and this causes confusion!).  Lace weaves are just another way of saying lace wigs.  A lace weave is completely different from a sew in weave and should not be confused with one! 

Curly Weaves - Fear or Love?

Everyone loves curly weaves, and it seems like almost everyone is scared of them.  Curly weaves provide that wow factor that many of our clients go for.  A lot of times, they look more natural than straight weaves.  But why would clients run away from wavy and curly weave hairstyles?  The simple answer is maintenance, and here too there is confusion.  Many clients believe that taking care of curly weaves is near to impossible.  This need not be the case.  Yes, maintaining curly weaves is a bit less straight forward but it oftentimes can be easier than taking care of straighter styles.  Let's take the most popular curly hair - deep wave weaves - and see what it takes to care for this hair weave.  The first thing to remember is to condition thoroughly.  Conditioning should be done to your natural hair before attaching your deep wave weave, and throughout the entire time you are wearing the weave.  To get the best conditioning, sit under a hooded dryer with a plastic cap for 20 minutes - if there is no hooded dryer, then simply leave the conditioner on with a plastic cap for 1 hour and rinse.  

After rinsing, dry your weave thoroughly (but just before it is 100% dry, use a curling definer such as those from Moroccanoil to accentuate the curls).  To give your deep wave weave the longest and liveliest life, steer clear of curling and flat irons.  You will notice that straightening deep wave styles will result in frizzing so this is an absolute no-no.  You can create beautiful curls and waves in the morning by putting your deep wave weave in Bantu knots or jumbo braids before going to sleep.

The challenge of maintaining deep weave or other curly weaves is no excuse to deprive yourself of curly weave hairstyles.  Just follow our care instructions and you will be able to tame your curly weave in ways you never thought possible.

Short Curly Weaves

If curly weaves are great, short curly weaves are a gift from above!  In general short weaves are very popular, especially with clients always on the go.  Short weaves require little maintenance, look very natural, and are typically in line with appearance expectations at professional organisations.  So you will find that clients moving up the corporate ladder are huge fans of short weaves.  Short curly weaves give the same benefits but look even more natural on African women because they match natural hair.  Short curly weaves such as kinky curls and afro curls in 10-12 inches are big favourites among clients and are a must-try.

Long Weave

Long weave hairstyles are not going anywhere soon.  Long weaves boldly says, "Yeah this probably isn't my hair, but ain't it lovely still?".  Long weaves are more expensive that shorter weaves, not only because each bundle costs more but also because you need more bundles for a full look.  Maintaining long weaves is slightly harder than caring for short weaves.  This is because the longer the weave, the more opportunity the hair has to wrap onto other strands.  So you have to make sure that you brush your hair regularly and condition the full lengths to keep the hair manageable and looking great.  Long weaves are a celebrity status symbol - only the bold and confident can rock these weaves the way they are meant to be!

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