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If you're tired of having the same old hair style, short weaves are not a bad option. Short weaves are great for busy women on the go, who don't have tons of time on their hands.  Moreover, short weaves are significantly cheaper than longer weaves.

About Short Weaves

When we think of weaves, often we only think about long hairstyles. Yes, weaves can give you just about any look, depending on the length and installation method. Many of the short and sexy styles you see in your neighborhood or on your favorite celebrity come courtesy of short weaves.

When purchasing short weaves, or any weaves, it is good to keep a few tips in mind. When ordering online or purchasing your weaves from a beauty supply store or salon, be sure to order the wefts a bit longer than the hairstyle you have in mind, just to be on the safe side. You can cut and trim weaves but you can't add on what is not there. The usual suggested length to create a short weaves style is 10 to 12 inches. They come in hand tied and machine made wefts. Hand tied weft weaves tend to lie flatter on your head.

Another popular question is whether to buy a synthetic or human hair weave. Although it is possible to get a nice synthetic weave if you absolutely cannot afford a human hair weave, it is not practical in the long run. A synthetic weave is easily recognizable as not your own hair; however, a human hair weave often prompts admirers to wonder “Does she or doesn't she” wear a weave? Human hair weaves are naturally shiny, and can be straightened, curled, permed or color treated. You can also use heat tools like flat irons and blow dryers on a human hair weave. If you try to use a flat iron on a synthetic weave it will likely melt. Although a human hair weave is more expensive, keep in mind that you are investing in your lovely looks. Always take care to not overdo processing on any weave, to keep it looking fresh and beautiful.

Benefits of Short Weaves

Short weaves hairstyles look very natural, and are a sophisticated choice for office wear or a special night out. Despite their length, short weaves are very versatile. You can cut fringes to rock a carefree pixie look, or spike it to go modern glam. If you are cutting fringes and/or bangs on your short weave, make sure you have your own hair securely wrapped underneath so that you don't accidentally snip your own hair in the process. Other than the initial styling, short weaves require little maintenance other than washing and conditioning like your own hair. Short weaves can be curly or straight, and flatter every face shape.

Many gorgeous women like to alternate between short and long hair looks. Long weaves can be a perfect alternate for your short weaves style so that you can create mystery and allure according to your mood and the occasion. Short weaves work well for a professional polished look during the week, but a shiny short bob can look very sexy with a little black dress on date night. Long weaves cost more than short weaves, and taking care of long weaves requires a bit more time conditioning so that the ends don't dry out. With all the new styles that can be created with short weaves, they are as popular with many women as long weaves when it comes to high fashion.

Short Curly Weaves vs Straight Weaves

One of the best benefits of short weaves is that you can wear curly weaves, straight weaves, or a body wave weave, which is in-between. Curly weaves look so natural and blend easily with your natural part. Curly weaves can be tight or loose and face framing, depending on how they are pre-processed or how you style them. Curly weaves are popular with women who were born with stick straight hair and always wanted to rock a curly hairdo, as well as women whose hair is naturally curly. Curly short weaves are a bit different to trim than straight weaves. Be sure when trimming for a short curly weaves style, that you trim it when straight and wet but leave some room for the curl to bounce, by leaving some extra length. This may require you to trim, style, and then repeat the process if it is still too long. If you want a straight weaves look, be careful to cut it carefully, as mistakes will be obvious. You may want to go to a professional to have your short curly weave professionally cut and styled the first time, so that you can avoid any scissor mishaps that can damage your lovely weave. Few of us are good at trimming our own hair, and the same goes for any weave, whether curly weaves or straight weaves. A new trend is for a body wave weave, which is just a bit of curl that frames the face flatteringly. Body wave weaves are also sometimes known as beach wave weaves. Many creative affects can be created with a body weave weave, including adding sections of color, whether blonde, red, or the new candy colored hues. Curly short weaves as well as straightweaves have been worn by Halle Berry and Rhianna. curly short weaves or a short straight weaves can be tightly cropped or fall below the ear. Straight weaves, when short in length, can create fullness and body without curls by adding volume and texture.

Whether you go for a body wave weave or a short curly weave, it is well worth it to invest in remy human hair so that your curls always look naturally shiny and full of body. It is not worth investing your time and money in an inexpensive synthetic short curly weave. Many of the synthetic body wave weaves that are sold in discount stores next to the brushes and bobby pins look like ribbons and can be a fun accessory like a hairband, but these weaves often unravel if you try to cut them to be a short weave, and cannot be heat styled and processed.

Short Weave Textures

Human hair weaves have many characteristics in common, whether it's a Peruvian weave, Brazilian Weave, Indian Hair weave or Malaysian weaves. All of these weave types are made from human hair so it will be strong and not easily shed. As they are all human hair, you will see lovely natural shade variations, especially in virgin hair. A Peruvian weave blends ideally with hair that has been relaxed, if tightly curled. One of the best benefits of a Peruvian weave is that it is courser in texture than an Indian hair weave or Brazilian weave with luminous light reflecting qualities without being too shiny. A Peruvian weave creates thickness and volume that work well with multilayer short straight styles.

A Brazilian weave is also thick and easily manageable. It does curl in humidity, which is great if you want to hold a short, curly style. Brazilian weave texture is less likely to frizz than lighter hair textures and has been a favorite of women who want luscious curls that won't quit once the hair is wet. Virgin Brazilian weaves come in dark brown to black shades and can stand up to coloring and other processing.

Indian hair weaves have long been a favorite of women around the world. A remy Indian hair weave has a mane-like appearance and wavy texture. Although it does not hold a curl as well as a Peruvian Weave or Brazilian Weave, with some styling tools, a lovely curly look can be achieved. An Indian hair weave is durable, widely available and easy to maintain.

Malaysian weaves are very, very shiny. Some women find though that the excessive shine of Malaysian weaves tends to dull a bit after several washings and expectantly once processed chemically. Although it is naturally straight, Malaysian weaves have a good, heavy density and will hold a curl well. If you have a long Malaysian hair weave, be sure to use a good conditioner so that the ends don't dry.

A lace weave refers to the lace like material used as a “cap” where the hair is attached. It can be hand sewn or factory sewn, with the hand sewn style being more expensive. A lace weave is available in two styles: full lace weave and front lace weave. Front lace weaves attach to the front and sides of your head, and a full lace weave goes all around, from front to back. Which style you choose depends on your styling preference.

Short Weave Hairstyles

Short weave hairstyles seem to be everywhere these days. As the fashion year progresses, you will see more and more women sporting short weave hairstyles for 2016.  Many of the short weave hairstyles of 2016 are a rendition of classic styles, like short weave hairstyles that play on the traditional bob cut with an asymmetrical bang or spiky pixie short weave hairstyles. From super tight curls to straight with spiky tufts short weave hairstyles are very in this year. A new trend in short weaves hairstyles is the return of the fringe look, and not just for bangs. All around fringes look delicate and make even the shortest short weaves hairstyle look flirty and feminine.  The following are some short weave hairstyles to consider. 

For Curly Hair:

Cropped Straight Weaves: These have a curly base and a crop layer on top. These look good in lighter hair colors and add a bit of height to your personality. These are most suitable for round and oval faced people.

Swept over styles: These styles in slightly curly or wavy hair look great. You should preferably go for a darker hair color as this gives it a nice bold look. This is best suited for people with diamond or heart shapes.

For Straight Hair:

Asymmetric style weaves: These weave styles give you a sleek and slender look. It is best suited for people with long or oval faces. Streaks or two hair colors like burgundy and dark brown will make you look more stunning.

Swept Away Styles: The swept away styles look good on straight hair too. It gives highlights your features. Dark brown or black color is best suited for this style. Round and oval faced people will look great with this style.

Bob with front fringe: A cute bob style with front fringe will look great you. Especially on people who are short and petite. Chestnut colored hair is best suited for this style. If you wish to look feminine then this is best suited for you. 

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