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If searching for hair extensions that have a real look and real to them then look no further than Peruvian hair natural wave. Peruvian hair has some good characteristics, which is why chose to use it in the first place. It looks entirely natural as well as having a really thick looking texture. Peruvian hair looks good because it appears to be real, and feels real when it is touched.

Indeed Peruvian hair looks more natural in comparison to Indian or Brazilian hair weaves, although they do feel courser to the touch. Natural wave Peruvian hair can be straight, curled or wavy. Should you wash your Peruvian hair it is most likely to go wavy.

Features of natural wave Peruvian hair

Buy it in bundles - hair extensions and weaves are in bundles. For most people to achieve the best looking hair they are better off ordering three bundles. For three bundles weaved into their own hair will make the extensions look at their most natural. One or two bundles would not have enough volume to look convincing enough. Bundles tend to come in a standard size, all weighing 100 g. The longer the hair you want the more bundles you will need.

Virgin Remy - that is what Peruvian natural wave is generally made from. Virgin Remy gives the hair its high quality look and makes the best weave and extensions. The hair is easy to care for and looks fantastic when properly styled.

Styling can be done in anyway that you like, as the Peruvian hair is completely natural. You can bleach it, dye it, straighten it, or indeed curl it to your heart's content.

Installing your hair weave

How many bundles you will require depends on how long you would like the weave to be once fitted.

For instance, 2 bundles gives 10 to 14 inches, 3 bundles give 16 - 22 inches, and finally 4 bundles gives you 24 - 30 inches of hair length.

We would prefer it if you actually installed your natural wave Peruvian hair in our store, that way we can be on hand if things start to go wrong. We do appreciate it is not always possible to do so. So follow these tips to make sure your installation goes to plan.

To begin with cut around the weave tracks, we know it seems easier to cut along the weave tracks. Doing so weakens the seam and means the weave will not last so long. When that is the case the hair from the weave will begin to drop out.

Be careful how you stitch the weave, stitching it on the seam of the weave will also weaken it, again meaning the hair could fall out again.

Quick summary of care tips

You have brought the best quality weaves around and these tips will help you to keep them that way. Depending on how well you look after these weaves they can last between one or two years.

Take care of your weave, treat it as carefully as you would treat your own hair. For instance do not bleach it too often, and take care when blow drying it. If you are not too sure about either bleaching or dyeing your weave consult us or go to a hair salon and pay them to do it for you. Too much bleach or dye will have the affect of drying out and thus weakening your weave.

Before washing your weave ensure that you have thoroughly brushed through it, best to use a paddle brush to ensure that it is not tangled up. Straightening out tangles can weaken or even thin your weave. It is often a good idea to brush your hair before drying it out.

Whether you have your Peruvian hair weave styled with a curl or you are wearing it straight the best tip is to use a paddle brush.

As ever with Volure all our hair weaves come with a two week money back pledge.

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