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Every woman wants to wear curly weaves at some point in her life.  Nothing says confidence, modern with a nod to natural like quality curly weaves.  Volure Hair Boutique offers a wide collection of curly weaves in different lengths, types (Brazilian, Peruvian, Indian and Malaysian) and curls (deep curl, kinky curl, and afro curl).  We also provide lace weaves (lace wigs) with the same curly textures.  Our lace weaves can either be front lace weaves (lace material only at the front of the head) or full lace weaves.  All in all, curly weaves can give your that swag that you've always wanted and are great for a broad range of occasions, be it for work or leisure.  

Curly Weaves

So if curly weaves are so great, why do many women fear them? Many clients feel that curly weaves take up too much time to maintain or are impossible to manage.  While caring for curly weaves is different than caring for straighter styles, it is by no means impossible and can sometimes be easier.  With curly weaves, all you need to remember is detangle, moisturize, and 4 section braids with satin cap at night.  In term's of detangling, we recommend that you condition wash your hair (with conditioner only) about once a week, while in the shower.  To detangle your curly weave, use a paddle brush and work the conditioner into the hair, from the tips going toward the tracks in small increments.  Use the same motion as you rinse the conditioner out of your hair.  In terms of moisturizing the hair, remember that your curly weave does not get moisture from the scalp and (as opposed to straighter styles), curlier weaves are typically drier because of the texturizing process they must undergo to achieve the curls.  Leave in conditioners and hydrating formulations such as those from Moroccanoil are typically great for keeping your curly weave moisturized.  Finally, when going to sleep, always remember to braid your hair into four sections and cover with a satin or silk cap. This will keep the hair from not only tangling but also having its moisture taken away by your bed linen.  

With these simple tips, you will be able to manage your curly weave and enjoy all the great looks and styles that you can get with this amazing hair!

Different Types of Curly Weaves

Curly weaves come in many different types.  However, the main types are deep curl, kinky curl, and afro curl.  There are a number of other weave hairstyles in between, such as candy curl, however these are usually variations of the three main types listed above.  Deep curls typically have curls that are about the size of two fingers put together.  Kinky curly weaves have curls that are about the size of a pinky finger.  And afro curl weaves have extremely right curls - usually the size of a nail (e.g. screw).  Depending on the type of curly weave you choose, you can get a completely different look, with kinky curl and afro curl weaves giving the most natural (close to African hair) look possible. 

Peruvian Weave

Peruvian weaves are typically the go to hair when donning a curly hairstyle.  This is because a Peruvian weave tends to be fuller and thicker than other types of weaves and can therefore better handle the texturising process that is required to achieve curls.  Whether your are wearing a Peruvian deep curl, or Peruvian afro curl, you will not be disappointed with Volure's curly Peruvian weaves. 

Brazilian Curly Weave

Brazilian curly weaves give you the ability to hold tight curls extremely well, but without the coarseness of Peruvian weaves that some clients dislike.  Curly Brazilian weaves have very full yet soft curls, and manipulating them can oftentimes be easier than Peruvian weaves.  With our clients, Brazilian deep curls and kinky curls are a huge favourite and we don't see this changing any time soon.

Indian Hair Weave

As many clients know, Indian hair weaves are very light and almost feathery to the touch.  Because of this curly weaves using Indian hair are often quite soft and easy to style.  Typically the larger the curl, the more suitable it is for Indian hair weaves.  This means that deep curls and even deep waves using Indian hair give excellent results.  Tigher curls such as kinky and afro curls can also be achieved with Indian hair weaves, so clients should not think that Indian hair weaves should only be used in straight and large wave styles. 

Short Curly Weaves

Short weaves are great for work.  But if you get tired of the straight weave hairstyles, short curly weaves are the way to go.  Short curly weaves will allow you to keep it professional and give you that boost in confidence and attitude that is noticeable but not distracting.  With short weaves, you show that you care for your appearance but are not trying too hard.  Short curly weaves allow you to get out the house quickly in the morning and are easy to maintain and manage, so they enable you to get through a long day of work with no issues.  But this does not mean that only professional women can rock short weaves - these weaves are for everybody, it all depends on the style and look you are going for.  If you haven't tried a curly short weave in a while or ever - come to Volure and see the range that we can offer you. 

Long Weaves

Long weaves can also be great for work, but we find that clients who work in a corporate setting prefer short weaves (whether short curly weaves or short straight weaves).  Long weaves and especially long curly weaves are for making a glam statement.  A long curly weave says "I have it all, and after a few acting classes don't be surprised if you see me in a soapie!".  When going for long curly weaves, it's important to remember that the total cost of the weave (to get a full look) can be significantly more than for shorter weaves.  This is because longer weaves not only cost more per bundle but also take more bundles to get the desired full look.  However, if it's within your budget, long weaves can do wonders for any woman's look. 

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