About Us

At Volure Hair Boutique we pride ourselves in providing quality hair extensions and hair products at affordable prices. We are not only passionate about hair but customer service as well.
One of the aspects of the business we pride ourselves in most is our supply chain. We have tested many products from all over the world. We have been able to separate the chaff from wheat and can reliably state that the hair we sell to the general public is authentic and trustworthy. Even the hair products that we sell are tested on our very own heads in order for us to believe in the products that we sell.  
Although our head office is based in Johannesburg, we are very happy to deliver countrywide. We have also developed an extensive network of salons in most major centres in South Africa and are happy to refer clients to these salons for installations fo our hair extensions. 
Give us a call today or simply drop us an email. We would be very happy to give advise on what products would best suit your wants and needs. 
010 900 3851