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Buy 100% Indian hair weaves from Volure.  Our Indian hair is soft, easy to style and will last for up to two years with proper care.  Volure provides the most gorgeous Indian weaves to clients in Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town and all other cities across South Africa.  Browse our selection and see what we have to offer!

What is Indian Hair?

Indian hair weave comes in a very light and almost feathery texture.  The hair is extremely soft and originates either from India or from parts of South East Asia. Clients with light or thin hair love Indian hair because it blends quite easily with their own natural hair. Indian hair weaves are also quite flexible and easy to style.  Despite being relatively light and feathery, the sheer versatility of Indian hair makes it very sought after among clients who want to be able to try different styles quickly and with minimal styling effort.

Indian hair weaves are available in many different lengths, textures and styles. Volure's Indian hair pieces come in straight, wavy and curly styles.  Aside from these three main styles, there are many variations in between.  Our deep wave Indian hair piece is one of the most popular styles and sells out quickly.  Clients love this hair piece because of the obvious character it adds to your natural hair and its attention grabbing curls.  

In terms of colours, Indian hair weaves come in shades of natural black and dark brown.  These are the colours of most virgin Indian hair pieces.  If you buy slightly different shades, do not panic as this is absolutely normal, and is in fact what you want to give the most natural look.  Your stylist should be able to blend your Indian hair weaves seamlessly to give a natural look that stands out beautifully, but always give us a call if you have any problems.

Different Types of Indian Hair Extensions

Not all Indian hair extensions are created equally.  When buying Indian hair extensions, it's important to differentiate whether your are buying extensions with Indian virgin hair or with Indian remy hair.  Indian virgin hair are entirely natural and have never been processed before.  Indian hair extensions made with such hair will be noticeably more natural looking, will feel better, and will last longer that extensions made with other types of hair.  But this comes at a cost - hair extensions made with virgin Indian hair will cost more.  However, remember that with hair, you get what you pay for, and virgin Indian hair is no different. We tell clients to look at their purchase as an investment - if taken care of, Indian hair extensions made from virgin hair should last you upwards of two years keep you looking great the entire time. This hair simply cannot be compared to any beauty supply store hair. Most beauty supply stores sell cheap non-virgin, non-remy and sometimes non-human hair. Because of this, these cheaper weaves begin to tangle and mat as soon as they are put on. Washing these cheap extensions is even worse, as typically they cannot be used after a wash. But try virgin Indian hair and you will forget all these trials and tribulations and be reminded of what true quality is. Volure only sells Indian hair weaves that use virgin hair. 

Aside from virgin hair, Indian hair extensions may also use remy hair.  Indian remy hair is also natural, has cuticles mostly intact, but has been chemically processed.  Because it is not completely natural and unprocessed, Indian remy hair will cost you less than virgin hair.  Indian remy hair may also not last as long as virgin hair, but should definitely last you for one year.  This hair is mostly used in Indian hair extensions that require non-dark colours, such as clip ins and keratin bonds.  In order to achieve blonde colours for example, virgin Indian hair must be bleached and dyed thereby turning it into remy hair.

Selecting the Best Indian Hair Weave 

The best Indian hair weave is going to depend on your budget and how natural you want the weave to look. We absolutely recommend that you avoid Indian hair weaves that use non-remy hair.  Whether it's synthetic or simply "human hair", these hairs are generally low quality and will only last for one or two months.  If you buy non-remy Indian hair weaves, you are essentially throwing money away.  Now between remy and virgin Indian weaves, the choice is really yours.  Remy Indian weaves will not look as flawless as virgin Indian weaves, but the difference is very minimal.  If taken care of, a remy Indian weave may last as long as a virgin Indian weave.

Although virgin Indian weaves may be more expensive, sometimes it's worth saving for this hair.  Please pay attention to when Volure has Indian hair for sale.  We sometimes give discounts of as much as 30% on our Indian hair for sale, which brings the price very close to what you would pay for a remy Indian weave.

Care Tips for Indian Weave Hair Extensions

Indian weave hair extensions are relatively easy to care for.  Like all hair extensions, Indian weave hair extensions do not receive moisture and nutrients from your scalp, so extra care must be taken to ensure that they remain nourished.  The following tips apply to both straight and Indian wave hair.  Where there is a difference, it will be noted.

Brush the hair frequently (twice a day) and shampoo and condition it regularly.  For Indian wave hair, brushing should be done lightly with a paddle brush or wide tooth come to avoid undoing the curls. When washing your Indian weave hair extensions, wash off deposits of hair products so that they don’t degrade the quality of your hair. Ensure that your weave is completely dry when you go to sleep because if you sleep on wet hair, you can tangle it and create a mildew type odor with time. For Indian wave hair or curly hair, braid your hair into medium to big sections to retain the waves and generally to keep your hair from moving about too much while you sleep. Comb your hair in the morning and start from the ends towards your scalp to prevent unnecessary shedding. Condition your hair at least once a week. Use a deep conditioner and avoid oily or heavy styling products. If you want to colour your Indian weave, do so carefully because the chemical processes that the hair will be exposed to can weaken and damage it. Have your stylist do this for your so as to avoid damaging your investment. Follow the above instructions and you will end up smooth, shiny, tangle-free and natural looking Indian hair all the time.

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