Best quality lace closures in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban. Prices from R1,100 to R1,900. Choose straight, body wave, deep wave, or kinky curl lace closures.


From R 1,300 - R 2,100


From R 1,300 - R 2,100


From R 1,300 - R 2,100


From R 1,300 - R 2,100

Lace closures have become immensely popular in South Africa.  No longer just a once-in-a-while accessory, lace closures have become a must have complement to weaves.  Lace closures enable those wearing weaves to completely cover their natural hair, while still being able to wear a part with the appearance of scalp showing. Volure Hair Boutique is trusted supplier of high density, high quality lace closures made from virgin human hair - Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian and Indian hair. Our closures are offered at attractive prices that beat all competitors offering the same quality closures. 

What is a Lace Closure?

Basically, a lace closure makes weaves look even more real without your own natural hair showing at all.   A lace closure (or weave closure) is a hair piece that is made from a lace material and is used to cover the entire crown of the wearer's head, allowing her to wear a weave in a more realistic manner. Lace top lace closures are the most common type of lace closure currently in the market.  These weave closures come with a lace top base that is made of Swiss lace which is either transparent or matches the colour of the wearer's scalp. Unlike a silk top base, a lace top base does not conceal the knots used to attach hairs to the lace material.  These knots appear as dots, but are hardly visible.  In addition, they can be further concealed by applying a bit of foundation over the parting.  This will not only hide the knots but will also make the lace material match your skin tone better.  Lace top lace closures typically cost less than silk top lace closures and are the more popular of the two types. 

Wearing a weave closure can go a long way towards making a weave look much more realistic while at the same time protecting your natural hair from the elements and eliminating the need to relax your hair.  

Different Types of Weave Closures: Silk Base, 3 Part Lace Closures and More

In addition to lace top weave closures, there are also silk base closures (also known as silk top closures), 3 part lace closures, and lace frontals. Other types of closures available in the market include u part wigs (or closure wigs), however, Volure currently does not sell these items as their use is relatively limited.

As mentioned above, a silk base closure comes with a layer of silk on the base, which is used to hide the knots attaching the hairs to the lace material.  Because of this, silk base closures tend to look more natural and real than lace top closure hair pieces.  However, this does not mean silk base closures are without problems.  With silk base closures, matching of the colour of the weave closure to the scalp can be very difficult.  On top of this silk base closure hair pieces tend to shed more easily than normal lace weave closures.  For these reasons, as much as some clients may love silk base Brazilian closures, we at Volure always recommend traditional lace closure weaves.

Next you have 3 part lace closures.  With a 3 part lace closure, clients have the luxury of parting their hair in three different ways (middle, left and right).  3 part lace closures are no different than normal hair closures - the only difference is that they come pre-parted so you don't have to create your own part.  Some clients love this versatility while others are fine with middle parted Brazilian closures - it all depends on your preference.

Clients always ask about u part wigs or closure wigs, which go by a number of different names.  Whether you call it a u part wig (or a closure wig or u part closure), these are basically wigs that have the crown area removed (creating a "U" on the wearer's crown area).  The reason for this is to be able to wear a wig and leave out your own natural hair.  These closure wigs are popular in other areas of the world but currently not in South Africa.  Volure currently does not offer these wig closures.  

How is a Front Lace Closure Different?

A front lace closure also goes by many different names.  Some call them frontal closures, others lace front closures (or lace frontal closure), and others yet front lace closures. Whatever the name we are talking about the same thing! A front lace closure, much as the name suggests, covers the front of a person's head and extends from temple to temple. A front lace closure essentially mimics the hairline. And because of its large size (relative to a normal closure hair piece), a frontal closure allows for a wide range of different weave hairstyles.  A lace frontal closure gives true versatility. One thing clients love about lace front closures is that because they hug the entire hairline, clients can essentially create a new hairline with frontals. However to make a lace front closure replicate your hairline takes lots of care and expertise - our stylists have experience doing this for many clients and have had success with this technique for some time. 

Installing a Hair Closure

A hair closure is relatively easy to install. Lots of people try installing their hair closures through bonding. Other people install their hair closures through a series of clips. At Volure, we follow a lace closure sew in process.  This means that we install by sewing the closure onto your cornrows in a way that gives the most natural and realistic results. Our lace closure sew in process has been perfected over the years by our stylists and is practically second to none in the South African hair industry. 

Whichever approach you take, just remember that a lace closure weave should never be glued on.  Not only is this a painful process, but it often leads to hair loss for most people. There are better ways of installing a lace closure weave, and it definitely should not involve pain! 

With Volure, we make sure that your closure hair piece blends in seamlessly with the rest of the weave and your natural hair.  This means that we take extra care so that the closure hair piece is fitted in a way that does not cause it to lift with time.  If you are unable to have your hair installed at Volure, we strongly recommend you go to a professional stylist with good experience to have the closure hair piece put on the right way.

Caring for A Brazilian Closure

A Brazilian closure or weave closure is relatively easy to take care of, but it's always good to remember that hair closures are more delicate than most other hair pieces.  If not careful, you can tear the lace material on the Brazilian closure, rendering it useless.  When brushing your weave closure, do so gently while holding the roots of the closure hairs against the scalp and brushing slowly from the hair tips toward the scalp.  Brushing your Brazilian weave too aggressively can cause shedding and balding.  

In terms of bleaching or dyeing your hair closures, we suggest you have a professional do this for you.  Otherwise, you run the risk of discolouring the closure hair piece - this is particularly bad because the whole point of a hair closure is to match as closely as possible the colour of your scalp.

Finally, washing your Brazilian closure is similar to washing your normal Brazilian weave.  Use nourishing conditioner and shampoo and ensure that your weave closure is 100% dry to avoid attracting odor to it.  With proper care, you will ensure that you enjoy your Brazilian closure for as long as possible.  As always, when in doubt about care procedures, just shoot us an email or give us a call. 

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