Want the benefits of lace closures with increased versatility? A lace frontal may be the answer. Prices: R1,550+. Choose our straight or wavy lace frontals.


From R 1,800 - R 3,400


From R 1,800 - R 3,400

Lace frontals provide the same benefits are lace closures but with more styling options.  Volure's Brazilian lace frontal closures use only high quality virgin Brazilian hair.  Our frontal closures will give you a new hairline, all while protecting your natural hair and giving it a chance to grow and strengthen.  We take extra care to match the frontal closure lace colour to your skin tone in order to give you the most natural look possible.

What is a Lace Frontal?

If you want to combine the benefits of lace closures and increased versatility, a lace frontal is your answer.  Whereas lace closures are smaller and are meant to cover the middle part of the head, lace frontals cover the entire front of the head.  This allows greater freedom to part the hair in practically any way and makes lace frontals a great pick for women who suffer from thinning hairlines or those who wish to add fullness to the front hairline.

Lace frontals should not be confused with frontal lace wigs.  A lace frontal wig (or simply a lace front wig) is actually an entire wig that covers the entire head. Whereas lace frontals simply cover the forehead.  Frontal lace wigs are sometimes called full lace frontal closures - which just confuses clients more.  This is not what you want - what you want is a lace frontal that is rectangular and measures approximately 13 inches by 4 inches.  The bottom line is that when shopping for lace frontals, make sure you actually get the frontal and not a lace wig. 

Difference Between Lace Frontals and Lace Closures

Like lace closures a frontal closure is made from sheer lace material to which individual hair strands are hand tied.  The process of tying individual hairs to frontal closures is quite time consuming and is why closures are not cheap.  One difference between lace frontals and lace closures is that lace frontal closures are longer and bigger, usually measuring 13 inches by 4 inches.  This is to allow the frontal to cover the entire forehead.  Remember that a lace frontal runs temple to temple thus covering the whole hairline.  A lace closure on the other hand typically measures 4 inches by 4 inches.  Lace closures are meant simply to close off a weave installation and therefore only covers the crown of the head.

Another difference between a frontal closure and lace closure is that frontal closures allow you to wear a parting anywhere along the front hairline. With respect to installation, another difference is that lace frontal closures are sometimes bonded (glued on) while lace closures almost never are.  At Volure, we do not bond frontal lace closures simply because we believe a sew in approach is neater and easier to manage for clients.

How Long Should You Wear a Frontal Closure

Lace frontals typically last about 5 wears.  A lot of this depends on how well the frontal closure is treated when it's on a client's head.  Avoid rough brushing as this will cause the frontal to lose hairs over time and create bald spots.  We advise that you purchase knot sealers to help reinforce the hair knots that hold the hairs to the frontal closure. There are some services out there that will revitalise frontal closures that have lost hair - unfortunately Volure currently does not offer these services.

Brazilian Lace Frontal Closure and Other Types

All of Volure's frontal lace closures are made from virgin Brazilian, Peruvian, Indian or Malaysian hair.  Our Brazilian lace frontal closures are a favourite with clients because of the reputation and full density of Brazilian hair.  These lace frontals are full bodied and easy to style and blend well with whichever weave you are wearing - whether it's Brazilian hair itself or Peruvian, Indian or Malaysian.  If your weave is particularly light then our lighter textured lace frontal closures would be best - these are typically Indian hair weave frontals, but can sometimes simply be lighter textured Brazilian frontals. Similarly if your weave is particularly coarse a Peruvian lace frontal closure or a coarse Brazilian frontal will work well.

Lace frontals are a great investment.  Make sure you have your frontal installed by an experienced stylist or come do it at our shop.

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