Lace frontals provide the same benefits are lace closures but with more styling options.  Volure's Brazilian lace frontal closures use only high quality virgin Brazilian hair.  Our frontal closures will give you a new hairline, all while protecting your natural hair and giving it a chance to grow and strengthen.  We take extra care to match the frontal closure lace colour to your skin tone in order to give you the most natural look possible.

What is a Lace Frontal?

If you want to combine the benefits of lace closures and increased versatility, a lace frontal is your answer.  Whereas lace closures are smaller and are meant to cover the middle part of the head, lace frontals cover the entire front of the head.  This allows greater freedom to part the hair in practically any way and makes lace frontals a great pick for women who suffer from thinning hairlines or those who wish to add fullness to the front hairline.

Another difference between a frontal closure and lace closure is that frontal closures allow you to wear a parting anywhere along the front hairline. With respect to installation, another difference is that lace frontal closures are sometimes bonded (glued on) while lace closures almost never are.  At Volure, we do not bond frontal lace closures simply because we believe a sew in approach is neater and easier to manage for clients.

For Installation Advice as well as Caring for your Hair, Please click on the link below. CARE TIPS 

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