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It doesn't matter if you want a warm natural black colour, or if you want the eye-catching golden blonde look. Volure has a fine line of Clip-In Hair Extensions that come in three different weight types: 120g, 160g, and 220g. The 120g hair extensions from Volure are for those who have fine to medium density type hair. If your hair is thicker or you just want more volume, you can choose the 160g clip in hair extensions. The 220g hair extensions are only recommended for use by those with very thick hair. All of Volure's clip in hair extensions are 20 inches (50cm) in length and are created from 100% real Remy Human Hair. This hair is not strictly virgin (the natural black extensions are) because they must be processed to get the different colours. All of the clip-in-hair extensions do come in 10 weft pieces: two 20cm weft pieces with four clips per piece; two 15cm wefts with three clips per piece; two 10cm weft pieces with two clips per piece; and four 2.5cm pieces with one clip each. You need only one set of our clip in hair extensions to cover you entire head.


Keratin Hair Extensions have many names: Keratin Bonds, U-Tips, Keratin glue hair extensions, keratin fusion hair extensions, and keratin tipped hair extensions. What makes these hair extensions so special is that they are pre-tipped with keratin. During installation, they are melted and fused together with the wearer's natural hair. This makes for a very sleek and strong bond that is lasting. Please note that this is not glue, as some clients mistakenly believe. Volure sells its Keratin hair extensions by the bundle. Each bundle has 100 strands in it, and each strand weighs about 1g. Clients usually only need one bunch to get their desired look.


In some respects, micro loop hair extensions are like having your cake and eating it too. This is because these hair extensions are installed on a strand by strand basis, and they don't require the use of hot irons or any melted keratin on them. Micro loops hair extensions join with your natural hair by putting both of them through a small metal cylinder, and then flattening the cylinder with pliers to make the bond secure. Micro loop hair extensions are the ideal thing if you have hair that is coarse. However, if you have silky or slippery hair, these bonds will definitely come off. If your hair is like this, we recommend that you consider keratin bonds, or ask about our Brazilian knot option.


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