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For years, Volure has been providing high quality hair pieces to clients across South Africa and abroad.  We are a trusted supplier of Malaysian, Indian Peruvian and Brazilian hair pieces loved by many women. Volure provides weft hair pieces (also known as weaves), clip in hair pieces, hair piece extensions, and other human hair pieces.  Our luxurious hair will leave you feeling as lovely as ever.

Below we discuss weave hair pieces in particular, but many of the tips listed below also apply to other hair pieces. 

Quality Hairpieces for Women

Hairpieces for women can are notoriously difficult to buy.  The reason is that hairpieces (and especially weaves and clip in extensions) tend to look very similar on the outside, but can have huge differences.  To the naked eye, human hair pieces made from virgin hair can look just as great as those with processed or mixed hair.  The first thing we tell clients about buying quality hair pieces is go to a reputable supplier, whether that supplier is Volure or some other company.  An established supplier with a reputation and business to lose will significantly lessen the risk that you get the wrong human hair piece.  On the off chance that you don't get what you want, an established supplier will give you a higher chance of getting your money back or exchanging your product. Volure's hair pieces for women are guaranteed to deliver or we'll provide a refund or replacement. 

Difference Between Brazilian Hair Piece and Indian Hair Piece

Brazilian hair pieces are among the most well known in the market. These hair peices are very full and great for body wave styles.  Brazilian hair pieces are popular for their ability to style well and also take in colour if you choose this route.  Volure Malaysian hair pieces are also a great choice for a clean and sleek look.  Malaysian hair pieces have not been around as long as other types but are increasingly popular.  While shiny, they are not artificially so, so you still get a very natural look with this hair. Finally Indian hair pieces are almost as popular as Brazilian hair pieces but for different reasons.  Indian hair pieces are generally lighter in colour and are very light in weight as well.  They are extremely easy to style because of their thinner bodies. Clients who love Indian hair also generally have lighter and softer natural hair than those who go for Brazilian or Peruvian hair pieces.

Why Curly Hair Pieces are Sought After

Volure's curly hair pieces, regardless of texture, come highly recommended and are popular with our clients.  These hair piece extensions have a character and attitude that straighter hair pieces simply cannot give.  Curly hair pieces also give you a range of styles to choose from.  Your hair piece extensions can be deep curl all the way to kinky curl and afro curl.  With such variety, many clients try out curls at least once.  However, it is important to note that curly hair pieces and wigs may take some getting used to in terms of maintenance and keeping them looking bouncy.  But with some tips and tricks that Volure provides you with, this is not a problem.  

Don't neglect your straight hair piece extensions.  Every hair piece style has its place and time! 

Hair Piece Accessories

Our hair piece weaves can be worn with a number of accessories, the most popular being a closure hair piece.  Closure hair pieces basically cover the front of your head and allow you to wear a part without leaving any of your natural hair out.  Volure's closure hair pieces are made to match your main weave so as to give the most natural look possible.  So if you are wearing a body wave hair piece, we match it with a body wave closure hair piece for a stunning completion to the style.

If you are not a fan of weave hairpieces, you can also choose from our range of lace wigs.  These wigs are also made from the same high quality Brazilian, Malaysian, Indian and Peruvian hair used in our weave hairpieces.  So between hairpieces and wigs, Volure has you covered for all your hair needs! Give us a call or come visit our shop.

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