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Since time immemorial, hair has played a great role in the definition of beauty in women and men too. The catch has been in taking just the precise amount of care to bring out the difference and the beauty too. In the ancient times, women were able make various adornments and also extract oils from various plants and animals in order to maintain the hair in its very best state.
The trend has however changed in the 21st century, as a result of the emphasis placed on beauty. The need to have a unique difference with the form and style of hair has caused beauticians to go to the extra mile of developing synthetic hair. This goes to complement the natural hair which may at other times not hit the beauty mark as expected by a section of women.
The beauticians also come up with tips that are relevant to taking care of the synthetic hair. This is complemented by an endless list of hair products created specifically for the purpose of maintaining the synthetic hair as well as the natural hair and the scalp of the women in question. Engineering has also found its way into the beauty field with quite a number of machines being developed for the very reason of styling synthetic and natural hair.
With the advent of synthetic hair come several categories under which hair falls into. Beauticians and hairdressers use the term piece to refer to these categories. There are several hair pieces that have so far been created and found their roots as popular pieces in the world of hair extension and styling. Among the very popular ones include straight hair piece, Body wave hair piece, deep wave hair piece, Kinky curl hair piece and Afro curl hair piece. Each of these listed hair pieces has specific ways to install them properly and also have unique ways to take care of them.
1. 1. Deep wave hair piece

The deep wave hair piece is classic modification of the body wave hair piece with very precisely and deeply defined waves on it.With the deep wave hair piece is a soft and luxurious hair piece for which a user is bound to obtain class upon proper installation. Just like hair pieces available for use, the bundles of the hair pieces are usually weigh approximately 100g, though the weight is quite variable with the manufacturing company. A woman seeking to make a statement should use several bundles in order to make any form of styling vivid.
It is also worth noting that virgin quality is the best for achieving results for the deep wave style. It is thus important to check for the statement of the “virgin quality” so as to get the best outcome. With best qualities of deep wave hair present their user with the choice to wash, bleach and style them at their convenience.
The installation and styling of deep wave hair piece
Proper installation of the deep wave hair piece happens with the right bundles being factored in. the longer versions of the deep wave hair pieces will actually require more bundles than the shorter versions of the same. The more the bundles used the fuller look one should expect.
An experienced stylist can be entrusted with the installation of this hair piece. The proper way to do the installation is by wrapping around one’s head as cutting the weave tracks will lead to the creation of loose ends. One is supposed to ensure that the weave tracks as doing otherwise would lead to shedding.
In doing the installation too, one should ensure that they do not weave through weave tracks. The act of weaving through tracks leads the destabilization of the stitching process. Destabilization of the stitching process on the other end will tend to lead to the shedding of the hair with time, which is of course an unwanted scenario for the user of the deep wave hair pieces.
The styling of the deep wave hair pieces
It is possible to curl up deep wave hair pieces upon installation using any available curling iron. One can keep on repeating the curling up process regularly as the curls tend to loosen up with time due to varying factors.
One having the deep wave hair pieces installed should also take some consideration to use curling definers immediately after doing the washing in order to ensure that the original deep waves of the hair piece are maintained.
It’s also advisable to avoid to try any form of hair straightening if one has already installed the deep wave hair piece since the result will be a frizzy look of the hair that one would love to avoid having at all costs. In this case, one should try using the straight hair piece to achieve the best results for straightened hair.
Taking care of the deep wave hair pieces
The amount of care one will take of their hair will tend to directly affect the amount of time the hair stays presentable and appealing to the public eye. The following are some of the tips one should follow in order tom maintain the best look of this specific hair piece:
1. When it is time to sleep, one is advised to tie the deep wave hair piece hair into a single twist and to use a cap, a satin one being a very suitable one for this instance.

One should avoid brushing deep wave hair pieces as this would tend to lead to unwinding of the curls. Professional advice the use of wide tooth finger comb. Another point to note is that one should work their way from the tips heading towards the roots of the hair

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