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#1B-Natural Black

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The straight hair piece resembles the straightened natural hair in its best kempt and loosely hanging state. A straight hair piece with proper installation will go a long way in to making you look like you have long and well colored natural hair which may work to define your appeal to people.
Installing the straight hair piece.
1. Select enough straight hair piece bundles with the color and texture to match up your natural hair. Be sure to settle for the best quality in the market for the best results.
2. Prepare your hair for the installation by making sure it is well washed and completely dried.
3. With the preparation done in the best way, one should proceed to separate their hair, to leave a hairline if need be. In the case that one has some good supply of hair, it may not be very necessary to have to separate the hair to leave out the hair line.
4. Next, one should clip in the straight hair piece using any of the approved methods such as the use of micro loops, netting or fusion. These methods are best applied by professional hairdressers who can make sure that the hairs blend to give a natural look eventually
5. It’s now time to maintain the hair upon completing the installation with the use of shampoo and hair conditioners daily to have the straight hair looking healthy and vibrant daily.

Taking care of the straight hair piece
1. Ensure that you spray the straight hair piece every day with a considerable amount of conditioner mixed with water in a spray bottle. This will ensure that you are free from any tangle that may arise due to various unavoidable reasons.
2. When it comes to coloring the straight hair piece, one should make sure that they have their hair well moisturized in order for it to dry up with the lightener, to achieve the rich desired color on their straight hair piece.
3. After swimming it quite important to ensure that one does not leave the straight hair piece as it is. Upon leaving the water, one should immediately dry the straight hair piece. There should be the application of a preferred shampoo after that, and one should also be sure to apply conditioning to their hair. Conditioning is a sure way to ensure that one maintains the straight hair piece in perfect states.
4. The application of heat is quite detrimental to the perfect straight hair piece, thus it is quite advisable to avoid application of excessive heat duringblow-drying, where one should keep the nozzle away from the base of the straight hair piece. Heat is a major cause of shedding.

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