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An afro curl hair piece will always give one a defined look with its deep color and that deep afro look.
Installation of then Afro curl hair piece
In the installation of the afrocurl hair piece one should follow the following tips in order to acquire the most precise results and to get that new look.
1. One should ensure that their hair is well cleaned and dried prior to installation.
2. After the preparation of their hair, the afro curl hair piece will not require much of the procedural hassles. All one has to ensure that they braid in the afro curl hair piece along with their natural hair.
3. Upon the braiding, one should define the curls and style the afro curl hair piece as preferred. Finger combing will ensure the curls are defined.

Taking care of your afro curl hair piece
These surefire tips will take you a long way in ensuring that your afro curl hair piece is at the top of the hair game.
1. During washing, ensure that you twist your hair in an orderly manner such that every inch of your scalp is easily accessible hence allowing you to thoroughly clean it.
2. Then apply enough shampoo on the scalp and gently rub it until it completely spread across your scalp.
3. Take plenty of water, wash off the shampoo and rinse clean your scalp and the hair.
4. Apply smooth conditioner throughout and use your fingers to detangle and relax your hair
5. Then rinse it off with adequate amount of water until it’s completely washed off and the hair clean.
6. Use a cotton clothing let’s say a tee shirt or a towel and wrap it around your hair then blot and squeeze dry the hair.
7. Use your fingers or preferably rollers and twist your hair once more and leave it to dry in the open air.(its optional to leave it out in conditioner form)
8. You can then oil the scalp with any type of oil that you may be in possession of.

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