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Simply put, there is no better hair than virgin hair.  There is a lot of confusion about what virgin hair really is.  The terms "virgin hair" and "remy hair" are often used interchangeably and sometimes they are used as complete opposites! Virgin human hair is hair has never undergone major chemical processing or treatment, making it the most natural and healthy form of hair your can get.  Remy simply means that the hair cuticles are intact (read "healthy") and aligned in the same direction.  Practically all virgin hair is remy, but not all remy hair is virgin.  When people say virgin remy hair, they are simply reinforcing that the hair is virgin and cuticle aligned (or most of the time they can just say virgin hair, which would mean the same thing).

Best Hair is Virgin Hair

There are a number of reasons why virgin remy hair is considered the best type of hair.  Being in its most natural form means that virgin hair is as strong as any natural human hair can be.  This also means that virgin remy hair typically lasts longer than non-virgin remy hair, all else equal. Aside from this, virgin hair looks as natural and authentic as any hair extension can.  The hair moves naturally and provides for a great seamless look on the wearer.  Thirdly, virgin remy hair is more malleable (it can be styled in many different ways) than non-virgin hair.  And finally, if you decide to colour your hair, you will notice that virgin remy hair takes in bleach and colour significantly better than non-virgin hair.  In fact, one of the tests to determine how virgin a particular weave is, is to expose the hair to bleach and see how blonde you can get the hair to be. The lighter the blonde colour you can achieve, the more virgin the hair.

Recommended Styles

When it comes to virgin hair, the most recommended style is the simple straight and elegant texture.  This is not because this is the only style that you can achieve - in fact you can get practically any style with virgin hair.  The reason why the straight style is most recommended is that it keeps the hair virgin and maintains its natural state the longest.  Once your start to curl the hair (with chemicals) to achieve a curly texture, the hair becomes less and less virgin.  However, if your preference is for curly hair, just go for it.  At Volure, our recommended style for clients depends solely on their preference and what they are able to manage.  If your can manage a kinky curl style well, then that is your recommended virgin human hair style.

Affordable Virgin Hair

Volure offers high quality and affordable virgin hair.  Compare other virgin hair suppliers, our virgin hair is one of the most affordable in South Africa.  However, clients should know that true virgin hair like the ones we offer will be more expensive than "remy" or other types of hair.  Clients should be wary of virgin hair that are "too affordable".  At the end of the day, virgin hair is the highest quality hair extension that you can get, and any "virgin" hair that is below R1,000 for a 100g bundle should be viewed with suspicion.  The prices for our virgin human hair shown on the site are for one bundle only - please note the number of bundles required to fully cover your head. Volure also offers virgin hair at wholesale prices for stylists and others who are buying large quantities (typically more than 10 bundles).  To find out about our wholesale prices, please contact us directly as our wholesale prices change from time to time. The prices on the website are not wholesale but retail prices. 

Different Types of Virgin Hair

There are different types of virgin human hair that Volure sells.  The most well known is virgin Brazilian hair.  Virgin Brazilian hair has been around in the hair industry for many years and as a result is preferred by many. Virgin Brazilian hair is soft, thick and bouncy and is practically a standard in the virgin hair industry.  But this does not mean that virgin Brazilian hair is the be all end all of weaves.  Peruvian virgin hair is also quite popular.  Peruvian virgin hair is known for its coarseness and close resemblance to African hair, making it the natural optional for those who want virgin hair extensions that most closely matches their actual hair texture.  Indian virgin hair is an increasingly popular virgin human hair option. Very light and almost feathery, Indian virgin hair is ideal for clients who want ease of styling and don't mind having a mismatch between their natural hair texture and that of the weave. 

Caring for Virgin Hair Extensions

Caring for virgin hair extensions is quite easy.  Because the hair is in its most natural form, you should treat it as you would your natural hair.  However with virgin hair extensions, it's important to remember that the extensions don't receive any nutrients or moisture from the scalp and so you need to provide extra nourishment to keep them looking lovely.  Please refer to our care instructions on how to wash, style and maintain virgin hair extensions.  When cared for properly, virgin hair extensions can last for two years or more.

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