Volure's Peruvian weaves are in style.  These are made from Peruvian virgin hair - in other words, 100% Peruvian human hair that are guaranteed to last.  We take great care to ensure that our clients only get the best.  So come visit us and see what we have to offer.  We are based in Johannesburg but deliver all across South Africa including Cape Town, Durban and Pretoria.  

What is Peruvian Hair?

Peruvian hair is renowned for its unique texture. It is among the most popular hair types, second only to Brazilian hair, which has been in the market for a lot longer.  All of Volure's Peruvian weaves are made from Peruvian virgin hair, and not processed or mixed hair.  Because of this, you can be sure that you are getting the best quality Peruvian human hair, which will allow you to style and maintain your weave as you would your natural hair.  

Our Peruvian virgin hair is quite thick and resilient. The texture is also coarser than most, which means it can match coarser natural hair (e.g. African hair) quite well. 

Peruvian Weave Vs Brazilian Weave

Because all our weaves come in a natural black colour, a Peruvian weave will have the some colour as any other weave, and might look very similar at first. However, a Peruvian weave is usually quite distinctive.  Because of this a Peruvian hair weave is easy to tell apart from a Brazilian weave or other types of weaves.  Peruvian hair weaves have a very thick texture relative to Brazilian hair and other hair types.  And in many cases, a Peruvian weave will be a bit coarser in terms of the feel of the hair itself.  As such, the hair is the perfect fit for relaxed African hair textures and certain types of thick and coarse Caucasian hair textures.

Because of its popularity, true Peruvian weaves can be difficult to find, especially in Johannesburg and other large cities.  We are aware of the lack of quality Peruvian hair weaves and always have stock to satisfy our new and existing clients.  So don't despair and give us a call!

Installing Peruvian Weaves

Installing Peruvian weaves is no different than installing any other weave.  Here are the tips and tricks you need to keep in mind to make sure you are putting on your weave correctly.  First, do not cut your weave (e.g. the tracks of your Peruvian hair weave) as this will lead to loose ends which can then lead to shedding. If you must, you can prevent this shedding by sealing the tracks (especially the cut ends) with a clear fabric adhesive - you can also use clear nail polish or bonding glue.  Secondly, if possible, have your stylist weave around the tracks and not through them. Going through the tracks can loosen the stitches binding the weave hair to the tracks and cause shedding with time.  With these two tricks your Peruvian weave will last you longer than you can imagine.    

Caring for Curly Peruvian Hair

Many of our clients love our curly Peruvian hair. Some, however, are intimidated by how to care for it.  More so with curly Peruvian hair than other hair, if you follow the care instructions, you have nothing to worry about!  Like all curly weaves, curly Peruvian hair weaves require lots of moisture to keep them looking great.  This means that you must not use any drying or alcohol containing products on your hair.  We recommend that Peruvian curly hair weaves are conditioner washed (co-wash) around 1-2x per week with a nourishing conditioner.  Shampoo washing should be done around 1-2x every 2 weeks - also with a moisturising shampoo.  Before you shampoo or co-wash your Peruvian curly hair weave, remember to carefully detangle the hair if any tangles have sneaked in.  Use a wide toothed comb to do this and be patient! Curly Peruvian hair weaves respond well to conditioner washes. After washing, you may apply a leave in conditioner.  Ensure the hair is 100% dry and not damp or this can attract odors to your weave.  This is typically all that is needed to keep the moisture and curls in your hair. Braiding the hair at night will also help you maintain the curls without the need of a hot iron. 

If curls start to fade (especially for curly Peruvian hair with wider curls), you may apply a curling definer to the hair when it is 95% dry, or use bendy rollers over night.

With respect to brushing, Peruvian curly hair weaves should only be finger brushed (with your own fingers) or combed with a wide tooth finger comb.  This it to maintain the curls and avoid putting excessive pressure on the hair.  

Caring For Straight Peruvian Weaves

Straight Peruvian hair is relatively easy to care for.  A lot of the tips and trick in maintaining curly hair above also apply to Peruvian straight hair weaves.  The main difference with straight Peruvian weaves is that you can brush them with a paddle brush and should actually do so at least once per day (in the morning and evening). Straight Peruvian hair also need moisture and following the above instructions will make sure that your hair doesn't become dry and dull over time.

Peruvian Hair Price

Currently our Peruvian hair prices range from R1,000 to R1,900.  The prices listed above are per bundle.  Typically you need about 3-4 bundles depending on the length of hair you are getting and how full you want the hair to look.  So our Peruvian weave prices on the website should be multiplied by the number of bundles you need to get at the full head cost.  Volure's Peruvian weave prices are among the most competitive in Johannesburg and across South Africa.  We believe that providing clients will great quality products at reasonable prices will only make us stronger.  Our Peruvian hair wholesale prices are not listed online.  When clients buy large quantities (around 15 bundles or more) whether it's for resale or to don up their bridesmaids, they quality for our wholesale prices.  Please contact us for more information on this. 

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