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Women who have oblong faces should consider trying out the short curly weave Peruvian. Oblong faces are defined as faces that are twice as long as they are wide. While oval faces, which are slightly longer than they are wide, will usually look good with almost any hair look, oblong faces can look harsh if they are paired with hair that manages to lengthen them further.

The short curly weave Peruvian is going to nicely manage to shorten the facial shape of any women, which will help a woman with an oblong face achieve a more balanced look. The soft curls at the heart of weaves of this nature can also cancel out some of the angular effect that people will often get when they have oblong faces. Indeed, women with this facial shape can significantly improve their appearance through the use of a short curly weave Peruvian.

Of course, this is a form of hairstyle that looks good on many facial shapes. While it will tend to make a round face look rounder, this isn't always an undesirable effect. Lots of women like the extremely feminine look of a short curly weave Peruvian, which is just going to look that much more feminine when paired with a very short and round face.

In terms of texture, short curly weave Peruvian pieces are going to have smooth and perfect curls. They will give the impression of a woman who spends nearly all morning styling her hair. Women who wear these weaves will manage to create the same effect without an equivalent level of styling, which is going to be that much better for them.

People should avoid dyeing their short curly weave Peruvian pieces. These sorts of weaves are going to be damaged in the event that they're dyed in many cases. Women who are not satisfied with the color are better off shopping around in order to find a color that matches their preferences better. It is also a good idea to avoid using a hair dryer and otherwise exposing the hair of the weaves to too much heat. However, overall, people will find that taking care of their weaves will be easy compared to managing a similar hair style if the hair style was actually natural.

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