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Previously only for the rich, lace wigs are now accessible to many ordinary women looking to spice up their hair.  Volure's lace wigs are among the most beautiful and natural looking lace wigs for sale in South Africa.  We use quality Brazilian and other virgin hair in our lace wigs, making our range of lace front wigs, full lace wigs, short and curly lace wigs some of the best in South Africa.

What Are Lace Wigs or Lace Weaves?

A lace wig is a hairpiece that is specially tied by hand to a pure lace base. A lace weave or lace wig can be made up synthetic hair.  However Volure only uses high quality virgin human hair on our lace wigs.  Most lace wigs are installed by sewing them onto plaited cornrows of the wearer.  This provides good support to the wig and gives a very natural look. 

Since olden times, wigs have been part of daily hairstyles and costumes.  Egyptians, Romans and Greeks made wigs an everyday fashion. While in medieval England, a wig was worn in courts and in the military to show different ranks. Modern day best lace wigs are significantly more natural looking than their older counterparts.  Today's lace weaves are lighter, stronger and (in the case of a Volure lace weave) use virgin human hair.

Lace wigs can also be attached to the wearer using special tapes and glues applied on the front hairline. While this may be okay for some, we avoid doing so at Volure because of the potential damage the adhesives would do to a client's hairline and the difficulty in keeping the lace wig looking neat after the client has left salon.  Today, the best lace wigs are installed through a sew in process as mentioned above.

There are many different types of lacewigs.  Some of the more popular lacewigs include lace front wigs, full lace weaves, glueless lace wigs, silk top lace wigs, u part lace weaves and many more.  At Volure, we only focus on lace front and full lace wigs as they are the most popular. 

Brazilian Lace Wigs and Other Types

Brazilian hair wigs use our full bodied virgin Brazilian hair.  Volure's Brazilian hair wigs come in their natural dark color and different lengths. Clients can dye or colour these Brazilian lace wigs to achieve highlights and ombre effects.  We advise clients who want blonde Brazilian wigs to simply order that from the start instead of trying to colour it to that level.  

Volure's Brazilian lace wigs come with baby hair around the perimeter for a more natural look and seamless flow from the thick parts of the wig to your scalp. There are other lace wigs with baby hair.  Our Malaysian and Peruvian lace wigs also have this feature, so you don't need to restrict yourself to Brazilian hair wigs to get this feature.

Why Lace Front Wigs Are More Popular than Full Lace Wigs

Within the lace wig family, lace front wigs are increasingly more popular than full lace wigs.  There are a few reasons for this.  First, lace front wigs are cheap price-wise compared to full lace wigs.  This is because with lace front wigs, the virgin human hair is hand-tied to the lace material only at the front (crown) of the wig.  With full lace wigs, the hairs are attached all over the lace material.  So lace front wigs require less effort to make and hence are cheaper.  But aside from this, front lace wigs are also more resilient and sturdier.  This means that front lace wigs generally last longer, and repairing them is often not costly.  The reasons front lace wigs are sturdier is that they have fewer delicate areas than full lace wigs - remember the hairs are attached to the lace material only at the front part of the wig.  Despite being more resilient front lace wigs with baby hair are just as natural looking as full lace wigs.  At Volure we recommend that clients go for lace front wigs.  

You will notice that our lace wig prices are among the lowest in the industry.  However lace wigs are costly - there is now way around that.  That is why to reduce lace wig prices for clients we also hand make the wigs at Volure. Our hand made front lace wigs have lower prices than normal lace fronts and have the benefit that they can be repaired or have the hair removed and used in a weave.  So if you are tired of your wig, with Volure's hand made lace wigs, you can use the hair for a weave and go on looking fabulous!

The lace wigs for sale at Volure will make you the envy of all your friends. There is a reason why Volure is regarded as a leading supplier of the best lace wigs in South Africa.

How to Install Human Hair Wigs

Volure's 100% human hair wigs are installed via a sew in method.  First your natural hair is braided into cornrows.  For human hair wig installation the cornrows should be tight but not so tight that they cause you pain. Next a wig cap is used to cover your head.  Wig caps are important because they create for a stronger hold while at the same time lessening the stress on your natural hair.  Your human hair wig is then fitted onto your head. Please note at this time that the excess lace material at the front has not been cut.  We cut this excess material on our lace wigs in such a way as to mimic your hair line.  Once we have the hairline matched, your 100% human hair wig is then sewn onto your cornrows for a nice steady hold.  

Some clients prefer the use of lace wig glue during installation.  While lace wig glues can work, because of different client's skin chemistry it is just difficult to get it right all the time.  Because of this and because of how hard it is to maintain a wig installed with lace wig glue, we shy away from this method completely.  With a sewn in process you are guaranteed to protect your hairline and have a long lasting hold that can be easily adjusted if need be.

Lace Wig Hairstyles

After installation what lace wig hairstyles can you achieve?  The option of lace wig hairstyles will depend on the type of wig you have.  Curly lace wigs are quite popular with our clients.  Curly lace wig hairstyles provide for an exciting look while still being acceptable in a professional or chill setting.  In addition to being lively curly wigs are generally not too difficult to care for. If you have an afro wig for example, maintenance can actually be easier than with straight lace wigs.  Afro wig hairstyles usually require only water and your fingers or a wide tooth finger comb to fluff it up and keep it full. 

But if you are going for a completely maintenance light approach, short lace wigs are your number one lace wig hairstyle.  Because the hairs are short, short lace wigs don't have the opportunity to tangle up, and if they do, removing these tangles is quite easy. Short lace wigs are also great for professional women that want a clean but stylish look. 

Whether you are going for a Brazilian lace wig or any other 100% human hair wig, Volure is your destination of choice.  Browse our collection and give us a shout if we can be of further help.

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