R 3,000



R 3,000

The Straight Lace Front wig is available now from Volure now and has these features:

The glueless cap wig option - some wig wearers do not like having to glue cap wigs on to their heads. If they go for the glueless straight lace front wig cap option they do not have to. There is no glue involved whatsoever. This is the normal option that is available for Volure customers. The best thing to do is to take it off at night and then put it back back on next morning.

The removable cap - there is less lace around the edges of this option compared to the glueless cap one. It was an elasticated rim, thus eliminating the need to use glue, or have to clip the wig into place. Being elasticated makes it easier to take off and then put back on.

The Lace front cap wig option - for the wig that only needs to be attached at the front and not all the way round your head. Therefore it only has lace at its front.

Lace top cap option - the specially made Swiss lace is an exact colour match for the wearer's scalp. Should anyone see the lace top underneath the wig they will assume that they are looking at the wearer's scalp instead of the lace top. 

Hair quality for a convincing wig

To ensure that the straight lace front wig looks convincing enough to be the wearer's own hair the hair has to be of the highest possible quality. At Volure only the best quality Remy Virgin hair is used to make wigs from.

These lace front straight wigs made with the highest Remy Virgin come in a whole host of different colours and shades ranging from the darkest jet blacks through to the palest of blondes. If customers come into our store we will recommend the wig with the colour closest to their own hair. Customers can buy a different shade wig as well should they want to change their image or style at any point in time.

Easy to fit wigs

All the front lace wigs are designed to be easy to fit and remove with no fuss or messing about involved at all. However there is a notable exception to the rule. Wearers would find it really difficult to fit the glueless wig cap by themselves. For that we recommend that wearers have it fitted in the Volure store as experience is needed to fit those particular types of wig properly.

All the wigs are clipped into the wearer's own hair, and all extra lace is cut off so that it could not be seen.

Looking after the front lace wigs

All wigs should last longer if they are looked after properly. On average a wig will last between 6 to 12 months. Sometimes that lifespan can be doubled if the hair is topped up or thickened. That process can only be done once, and then another wig needs to be brought.

At Volure we recommend that people try to avoid bleaching or dyeing their wigs. Either process can severely damage wigs unless done by us in our store or by a professional hairdresser. If you fancy a change of colour it is best to dye your own hair and buy a new wig that is an exact match.

Prior to washing your wig it is sensible to gently brush it with a paddle brush. We recommend a paddle brush as it is softer and less likely to pull hairs out of the wig. It is best to dry the wet wig naturally, if you really have to use a hair dryer make sure that it is on the lowest possible heat setting. The wig lasts longer if you apply conditioner to it first, and wash no more frequently than once a fortnight.  For brushing only consider a paddle brush, and avoid fine toothed combs altogether to protect your wig. If you sleep with your wig on we recommend you wear a satin cap to prevent damage to it.

Exchange policy

Due to hygiene issues we cannot offer a money or credit refund. However should there be issues with your wig in the fortnight after purchasing it we will exchange for another wig up to the same value.