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Looking for some great features when trying to buy a front wig? Volure’s Afro Curl Lace Front Wig has some of enticing features. Here is a look at a few of them.

Glueless Cap Option – This wig comes with a glueless cap which can be normally adjusted with clip to hold the wig while the lace material gets cut around the wig’s perimeter.

Removable Cap Option – Also holding the wig in place with clips, it does not have any extra lace material to offer. The elastic band on the perimeter helps give the wig a strong hold.

Lace Front Cap – In this type, the lace material covers the wig’s front section only while the lace material covers the whole head in the full lace wig. However the styling options are limited.

Lace Top Base – In this option, the knots that helps hold the hair to the wig appear as small dots instead being concealed and hardly visible. 

Hair Quality

Virgin Remy Hair Quality – Using only Virgin Hair, these wigs are processed to get the curly style for both lighter and darker-colored wig.

Hair colors and length – The wigs are available in several colors ranging from Bleach Blonde to Jet Balck and lengths starting from 8 inches up to 26 inches. Longer and shorter lengths can also be bought.


You can easily remove these lace wigs and that too at home. You will require the help of an experienced stylist only when using the Glueless Cap Lace Front Wigs.

Care Tips

Life span of the wig – The wig will last anywhere between 8 to 12 months depending on how well it is cared for. After this time period the wig will need hair addition or be repaired and then it will last for another 6 – 12 months.

Bleaching and Dyeing – It is best not to bleach or dye such wigs and it is advisable to pick your favourite colored wig only. Dyeing or bleaching the wig dries out the hair and also makes the curls and waves lose.

Styling – Use water, curling definers and a wide tooth finger comb to maintain the curls. Do not straighten the hair. In case the curls loosen up, use a narrow curling iron to curl them using heat protection spray.

Washing – First remove tangles by combing the wig with a wide tooth finger comb. Shampoo it with luke warn water and dry by towel drying. Do not blow dry. Use a hydrating conditioner for 5 minutes and then rinse off well. Apply a leave-in conditioner to retain moisture. Air-dry, apply a knot sealer and dry again. Wash the wig once every fortnight.

Brushing – Do not brush the Wig. Use a wide tooth finger comb instead to style and manage the hair. Start from the hair tips and work towards the root when finger combing.

Going to sleep – Cover the sewn or glued wig with a satin cap to retain moisture and prevent tangling.


If there are any issues with the Wig within a fortnight of its purchase, the product can be returned for an exchange of lesser or equal value product.

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