Our keratin hair extensions and other micro bonding hair will leave your hair completely transformed and lovely as ever.  Volure's micro bonding hair extensions use only quality materials, ensuring that your investment lasts as long as possible.

What Are Keratin Hair Extensions?

Keratin hair extensions are known by a number of other names, including u-tips, i-tips, fusion hair extensions, bonding hair, bonded hair extensions, pre-bonded hair extensions or simply micro bonding.  Keratin hair extensions come pre-tipped with a keratin-based adhesive that is melted with a low-heat iron to create a bond with your own natural hair. The bond created by keratin bonds is quite strong and can last for two or more months. It's good to remember that not all suppliers use the same keratin bonds, and some will last longer than others. However, your keratin bond should last you at least 3-4 weeks before starting to come loose.

Because of the strength of keratin bonds, maintenance is a bit easier than with other types of hair extensions.  With the exception of keeping chemicals away from the bonded areas, you can treat your keratin hair extensions just like you would your own hair.  Keratin hair extensions can come in the form of U-Tips (the shape need not be a U – sometimes it is flat) or I-Tips (which look like shoe laces).  It doesn't really matter which type you get, as long as your stylist is experienced in fitting both types.  At Volure, we use flat or U-tip keratin hair extensions because the flat surface area allows for  better fusing with a client's natural hair, which makes for a stronger and longer lasting bond. 

Different Types of Bonding Hair

Many clients think that keratin hair extensions are the only type of bonding hair.  There are other bonding hair extensions within this family.  And the quality of the different types of bonding hair has increased given how popular they have become.  In general bonding hair involves a strand by strand installation method, hence the name micro bonding.  This means that, different from clip in hair extensions or tape in hair extensions, bonding hair extensions are fitted is a manner that makes them blend in more easily with your natural hair.  Bonding hair extensions are also more versatile because of this strand by strand installation - as compared to clip ins, bonding hair can be worn and styled in many more ways.  

So within the bonding hair (also known as micro bonding) family, you have keratin hair extensions, which we have discussed above.  But you also have micro ring hair extensions and elastic fusion extensions (also known as Brazilian knots).  

Micro ring hair extensions:  Micro ring hair extensions are very similar to keratin bonds with the exception that instead of using keratin adhesive, the way your natural hair is attached to the extensions is more mechanical.  Although keratin bonds are perfectly safe to use, some clients simply don't like the idea of it.  With micro ring hair extensions, you can achieve the same look but without a hot iron or melted keratin.  Your natural hair is attached to the hair extensions by fitting both through a small metallic ring (hence the name micro ring hair extensions).  The ring is then clamped flat, securing your natural hair to the hair extensions.  Similar to keratin bonds, micro loop hair extensions take some time to install (usually upwards of 5 hours) given that it involves a strand by strand fitting technique.  While micro loops have their benefit, we advise clients to only use them if they have relatively coarse hair.  This is because the coarser the hair, the stronger the hold when the ring is flattened.  Clients with silky smooth hair will find that micro ring hair extensions will slip off.  So while keratin hair extensions can last up to 3 months, micro ring hair extensions can be expected to last 2-3 weeks before some of the strands start to come out.  This is one big disadvantage with micro ring hair extensions that must be carefully considered. 

Brazilian knots: Brazilian knots, also known as elastic fusion, have become very popular especially among black women.  The installation method uses an elastic thread to tie your natural hair to the hair extensions.  This is also a strand by strand fitting approach, where approximately 1g of extensions is attached to your natural hair at a time.  Brazilian knots can also last for up to 3 months, although it is advisable to wear them for a maximum of 2 months, and either have them removed and reinstalled or go for a different style/method.

How to Care for Bonding Hair Extensions

Now that we know that there are many different types of bonding hair extensions, lets go back to our current focus - keratin hair extensions.  Bonding hair extensions require proper care to maximise their useful life and keep them looking lovely the entire time. The following tips apply to pre-bonded hair extensions (e.g. keratin bonds), but the principles can also be used for other types of bonded hair extensions.

First, only wash your hair after 48 hours from time of installation.  Ensure you brush your hair (only when it is dry) before you shower in the morning and before bedtime to prevent matting and tangling. Do not brush wet hair as this will increase the likelihood of breakage. Do not wash your hair upside down - in order to prevent unnecessary tangling. You can use a shampoo and conditioner as long as it does not contain sulfur and alcohol, which tend to break down the bonds faster while drying out both your natural hair and the extensions. Do not use a flat iron close to the bond as it produces excessive heat, which can weaken or melt the bonds. Invest in a satin pillow to prevent moisture from being soaked from your hair while you sleep.  Avoid water containing chlorine or salt water - if you must swim, precondition your hair and wear a good quality swim cap.

By following the above tips, you will ensure that your pre bonded human hair extensions last you for as long as possible.

Removing Keratin Hair Extensions

Removing pre bonded hair extensions should only be done by an experienced stylist.  This is because pre bonded hair extensions like keratin bonds hold quite strongly, and if not removed carefully can cause damage to your natural hair.  There are some adhesive removal solutions on the market that can be used to remove keratin hair extensions. These removal solutions work by softening the keratin bonds, which in turn releases your natural hair from the hair extension. Once you remove the extensions, you can apply some more removal solution to help you remove any extra adhesive from your hair.  Most solutions containing acetone or a high concentration of rubbing alcohol can be used to remove pre bonded human hair extensions. If you have any concerns or questions about removing your keratin hair extensions, give us a call or send us an email and we'll be happy to help.

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