R 2,600



R 2,600

Our chocolate brown keratin hair extensions are as scrumptious as they sound. Everyone loves luscious chocolate brown hair, which is why they are making a huge statement around the world. Give them a try if you are a brunette with natural chocolate brown hair color, or just want to try a new look.

We only sell the highest quality, one hundred percent human hair chocolate brown hair extensions. They are pre-tipped with keratin, not glue, in order to attach to your natural hair by easily melting the keratin tips and wrapping them around your natural hair. This way they form the strongest bond possible and last the longest amount of time. So get that sassy look that you have always wanted.

Installing Chocolate Brown Keratin Hair Extensions

Installing our chocolate brown keratin hair extensions must be done by a professional and should not be attempted alone.

1: In order to install our chocolate brown keratin hair extensions make sure that your hair is a minimum of five inches long so that the attachment points are visible enough to work with. The extensions should be applied approximately one quarter of an inch from your scalp.

2: Make the preparation rows by selecting a thin strand of hair using the tail of the installation comb. Then insert the lock of hair in the template circle in order to protect your scalp. Use a pre heated hot extension iron to heat the pre-tipped extensions to your natural hair. At this point your natural hair is fixed to the original lock expansion on the heating point of keratin located at the end or tip of the extension.

3: Roll the keratin between your fingers when it is not transparent in order to make the natural hair and extension uniform.

4: Repeat all of the instructions listed above for each lock. You will be doing this process one by one across the head until completed.

5: Once all locks are completed across the head, lightly brush in order to smoothly blend the hair extensions with your natural hair.

Caring for Chocolate Brown Keratin Hair Extensions

1: Do not wash your hair for forty-eight hours once your chocolate brown keratin hair extensions have been installed.

2: Prior to going to bed, brush dry your hair out completely by using an extension brush. It will prevent unwanted extension tangling and matting while spreading nourishing natural scalp oils throughout your extensions.

3: Wash your hair every two days on average and avoid washing it upside down. Also avoid aggressive scrubbing. Do not get any shampoo and or conditioner on the bonds if possible.

4: Only use good quality shampoos and conditioners. Avoid ones that contain sulfur and alcohol because those ingredients break down the extension bonds much faster.

5: When styling your hair, always use a thermal heat protecting solution. Never apply excessive heat or use a flat iron. It will eliminate the risk of your extensions becoming unglued.

6: Before going to sleep braid into a high ponytail and use a silk pillow cover in order to avoid your extensions from tangling and drying. 

7: Wear a swim cap if swimming in the ocean or a pool. Salt water and chlorine will severely damage your extensions.

8: Make sure that your hair extensions and bonds are dry before lying down on them. Otherwise you are taking the risk that they will mat up on you.

9: By following these tips, your chocolate brown keratin hair extensions will stay beautiful for the long haul.