R 2,600



R 2,600

Our natural black keratin hair extensions give you that stunning combination of rich dark black silkiness with a touch of luxurious brown that is sure to enhance your look. It is the perfect complementary color for people with natural dark hair, and also provides those sexy dark highlights if you have lighter coloured hair.

If you have been looking for a high quality product that is pre-tipped with keratin instead of glue then your search is over. Keratin is known as a superior bonding agent, and is actually the synthetic version of an all-natural protein that is contained in human hair. Our natural black keratin hair extensions bond stronger so that your hair looks more natural and the extensions last much longer.

Installation of Keratin Hair Extensions

In order to properly install our natural black keratin hair extensions you will need to use a hot extension iron. Although the process is simple it should not be done alone.

1: Wash hair twice in order to remove any oils, conditioners, or other hair products. Residue may jeopardize the bond or even keep the extensions from attaching. Perfectly clean hair is a must.

2: Make sure your hair is completely dry. Avoid combing your hair prior to drying as it may cause tangles. Once your hair is one hundred percent dry, do a comb through.

3: If you have curly hair, smooth and flat iron it. This step is extremely important in order to tame your hair and allow for the extension application process.

4: Start preparing the rows by picking out a thin strand of hair with the installation comb’s tail. Next, put a lock of hair into the template circle. This will protect your scalp from getting burned. Touch the hot extension iron and heat the keratin tips on the extensions. Attach to your natural hair.

5: Gently roll the keratin in your fingers so that your natural hair and the extensions have a uniform look.

6: Repeat the process until all locks are completed.

7: Once complete brush your hair lightly so that your natural hair and new hair extensions are blended in smoothly.

Care and Maintenance Tips

1: Wait 1-2 days to wash your new extensions in order to allow them to settle.

2: Only wash your hair with smoothing and moisturizing shampoo and condition well. Do not use products that contain either keratin or protein. Too much protein is not good for your new extensions.

3: Do not brush or comb your new hair extensions when wet. Hair, including your all-natural human hair extensions is most vulnerable when wet. Brushing and combing adds tension to your natural hair. The added weight of the extensions may case your natural hair to break. Make sure it is one hundred percent dry before brushing or combing.

4: Use a hair straightener or curling iron to achieve optimal flow and shine.

5: For longer hair extensions, braid through the lower part of the hair, or pull it loosely back before going to bed. Do not go to bed with wet hair. It will cause the bond to weaken and tangling as well.

6: Check for tangling each and every day. Run your fingers gently through the bonds around your head. If you do come across tangles gently pull them apart or even shake your fingers across them.

Styling Keratin Hair Extensions

Style your hair however you desire. Your new natural black keratin hair extensions are just that, an extension of your own natural hair.