Hair extensions come in a variety of types and styles. You can choose from clip in hair extensions, keratin (or fusion) hair extensions, and tape in hair extensions.  Clip in hair extensions can be worn and taken off every night.  Keratin hair extensions are great for a more permanent wear because they can last for 3 months or more.  And tape in hair extensions are for medium-term wears. Tape in hair extensions are relatively new but are gaining in popularity very quickly.

Volure's hair extensions are known for their soft texture, and excellent quality. We have clients using our hair extensions all across South Africa and abroad.  These in demand hair extensions can be bought at our shop in Johannesburg or delivered to Pretoria, Cape Town, Durban and anywhere else in South Africa. 

History of Hair Extensions

While many think hair extensions are a new fashion item, they have actually been used in one form or another for centuries.  Hair extensions were quite popular (among the elite) in Ancient Egypt and have been used since then quite extensively across many societies.  Today's hair extensions are much more versatile in that they can be installed in a variety of ways.  From clip in hair extensions that can be removed every night, to fusion hair extensions that use melted keratin to attach the extensions hair to your natural hair, to micro loop hair extensions that try to achieve the same goal without the melted keratins, the options are many.  At Volure, we offer all these different types of extensions hair but recommend clip ins and keratin bonds (fusion extensions hair) most to our clients. Micro loops are okay, but have a tendency to slip off quite easily especially with silky hair.

Remy vs Virgin Human Hair Extensions

Although the two terms remy hair and virgin human hair extensions are used interchangeably, they are actually different. Human hair extensions that are remy are not always virgin. 

Virgin hair extensions are made from 100% real human hair that has never been altered by a chemical process. For extensions to quality as virgin hair extensions, they must NOT be permed, bleached, coloured, dyed or chemically processed in any way. Virgin hair extensions have cuticles that are intact and uni-directionally aligned leading to smooth, tangle free hair. They are the highest quality human hair extensions available on the market. Please note that at Volure, our natural black hair extensions are virgin.  All other coloured hair extensions have clearly gone through chemical processing to achieve the desired end colour. Even curly hair extensions may not be considered strictly virgin. This is because some curly hair extensions undergo a chemical process to achieve the curls.  In summary, Volure offers virgin 100% human hair extensions only in the dark colours, and while our blonde, grey and even curly hair extensions end products may not be 100% virgin, they are made from the highest quality virgin hair available.

Remy hair extensions are also 100% human hair extensions.  However, in contrast to virgin hair extensions, remy hair extensions have undergone some type of processing, which makes them non-virgin.  Not all remy hair extensions are of the same quality. There is good remy hair and terrible remy hair.  You must ensure that you go to a trusted supplier that won't sell you remy hair extensions that have been cuticle stripped with a chemical process. If this is the case, what you will end up getting is poor quality hair that tangles quite quickly (usually after the first wash when the silicone used to make the hair look healthy is washed away).  At Volure, even our remy hair extensions (e.g. blonde clip ins) are virgin quality and cuticle intact.  So you still get the smooth feel and manageability of true virgin hair.

Sources of Brazilian Hair Extensions and Others

The hair used in hair extensions comes from all over the world, but primarily from India and South East Asia.  However, you will notice that different hair extensions have different names (e.g. Brazilian hair extensions, Peruvian hair extensions, etc).  Please note that this does not mean that the hair is actually from Brazil, especially in the case of Brazilian and Peruvian hair.  Most Brazilian and Peruvian hair are also from India or Asia.  Depending on the supplier, Indian hair may likely come from India and Malaysian hair from Malaysia.  For the most part these names are simply labels to categorise the various hair extensions by how they feel.

So Brazilian hair extensions are some of the best known types of extensions hair. Brazilian hair extensions are thick, full and smooth.  Brazilian hair extensions have gained a reputation as the go to hair when you want that vibrant bouncy look.  Peruvian hair extensions are very thick and almost coarse.  Peruvian hair extensions are usually great for ethnic hair (e.g. African hair) or coarse Caucasian hair.  Peruvian hair extensions give great volume but must be managed as the heavy thickness can make styling a bit hard initially.  A lot of Indian hair extensions actually do come from India. Indian hair extensions are known for their extreme softness and almost feathery feel to the touch. Indian hair extensions are easy to style and manipulate and are great for clients with very thin hair.  Finally, Malaysian hair extensions are the perfect option if you want lightweight, full bodied and sleek hair.  The hair is quite dark and has a very strong shine. Malaysian hair extensions come from Malaysia and are becoming increasingly popular by the day.  One of the reasons our clients love Malaysian hair extensions is that they are quite easy to style and maintain.

Regardless of the source of the claimed source of the hair extensions, what is most important is that you are getting either virgin or virgin quality remy hair.  If you get this right and like the feel of the hair and how it matches with your natural hair, you are all set.  Volure only offers virgin hair or virgin hair that has been lightly processed (hence it remains virgin quality). Because of this you can be sure that any hair extension you get from Volure will not only last you but feel great throughout.  

Types of Hair Extensions

There are many different types of hair extensions available in the market today.  The choice of which type you go for will depend on how permanent you want the installation, how natural you want it to look, and to a lesser extent your budget.  The following summarises the different types of hair extensions:

TAPE IN HAIR EXTENSIONS:  Tape in hair extensions are basically small weft pieces with sticky tape on one side.  Tape in extensions are relatively new and as a result untested.  The installation involves sandwiching your natural hair between the weft and the sticky tape to make for a strong hold.  Before putting on tape extensions, it is important that your scalp and natural hair are shampooed well to get rid of any dirt and oils.  Clean hair ensures that the tape in extensions have a strong hold.  When installed properly, tape in hair extensions are quite comfortable to wear and can be removed with minimal effort.

KERATIN HAIR EXTENSIONS:  Keratin bonds are considered permanent hair extensions.  This is because a keratin hair extension installation can last for up to 3 months or more. Keratin hair extensions are not really permanent hair extensions as they can be removed any time.  Clients are advised to have them removed after a maximum of 2 months to avoid dreading around the connection points.  Keratin hair extensions and any other type of bonding hair extensions should only be installed and removed by an experienced stylist to avoid damaging your natural hair.

MICRO RING HAIR EXTENSIONS:  Micro ring hair extensions are attached to your own hair using a metal ring. These hair extensions are installed on a strand-by-strand basis, and they do not require the use of hot irons or melted keratin.  Together with your natural hair, the extensions are fed through a tiny metal ring that is then clamped to secure the bond between your natural hair and the extensions hair. Micro ring hair extensions are ideal for those with coarse hair, and should be avoided if your have silky hair as the extensions will be more likely to slip off.

Hair Extensions Prices

Volure's hair extensions prices are some of the most competitive in the market.  Our keratin hair extensions prices are for 100 strands, with each strand weighing approximately 1g.  We have seen other suppliers offer hair extensions prices that are up to 4x Volure's offering.  Our micro ring hair extensions also come in approximately 100 strands, each containing about 1g of hair.  Finally our clip in hair extensions prices depend on the density of the clip in set.  Our 220g costs more than our 160g set which in turn costs more than our 120g set.  Occassionally Volure will offer hair extensions for sale.  Please stay tuned for our promotions by subscribing to our newsletter or following us on social media.  Our hair extensions for sale can be discounted as much as 30% off the original price, so there are great deals to be had!

Our human hair extensions wholesale prices are available for clients buying in large quantities.  To quality for our human hair extensions wholesale prices, you need to purchase a minimum of 15 pieces. Please note that this minimum order quantity may change from time to time, so contact us for the latest information. 

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