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Full lace wigs are one of the highest quality and most naturally looking lace wigs you can get.  With full lace wigs, hair is hand-tied to a thin Swiss Lace that covers the entire head.  This increases the number of styling options you have without revealing that you are actually wearing a wig. 

Not long ago, lace wigs were practically exclusive to the celebrity community given the amount of effort and money it took to make these quality wigs. Today, lace wigs are accessible to a lot more women. Lace wigs are so popular because of how natural they look. With lace wigs, hair is planted on a thin soft lace material that matches the colour of your scalp. Because of this, when the hair is parted it appears as if you are looking at the scalp and not the lace material itself.

Volure sells a wide range of full lace wigs.  Please note that we currently do not sell Silk Top Full Lace Wigs given the difficulty in maintaining them.  Hence all our full lace wings are lace top (and not silk top based).  With our full lace wigs, you can choose either a glueless cap or a removable cap.  All our full lace wigs come with virgin hair, which are available in a variety of styles:  straight, body wave, afro curl, celebrity style, or fringe style. Basically, whatever you need, we’ve got you covered.  Please note that our wigs are typically custom made to your specifications to provide the best fit and look.  It takes approximately 4 weeks from ordering to pick up date.  We offer a limited selection of in-stock wig for those that want something immediately. With quality virgin remy hair used in all our wigs, you need not look any further if your want the ultimate in full lace wigs.

Browse selection and in the event you can’t find what you are looking for contact us and we’ll make a plan for you.

About Full Lace Wigs

Full lace wigs are wigs that have a cap and a thin lace on top of the cap. The lace is sewed on the cap, and then hair is sewed on the thin lace to form a full sew in weave. The lace material in full lace wigs cover the whole head and can be cut to match the wearer's hairline.  Once cut, the full sew in weave is ready to be installed by a variety of methods, worn and styled in any way. Full lace wigs give you the flexibility to style your hair as you wish, be it in a ponytail, up-do or a normal hair down style. Wigs such as these are as natural as you can get.  These lace wigs are made such that the wig hairs appear to be growing from your own scalp.  Moreover, these lace wigs are light, breathable and can be parted anywhere along the scalp.

Clients love full sew in weaves because they give their natural hair a chance to grow back and restore their original hair line in some cases.

Full Lace Human Hair Wigs Versus Lace Front Wigs

When it comes to lace wigs, there are two main types.  Full lace human hair wigs (or simply full lace wigs) and lace front wigs (aka front lace wigs).  While they are both lace wigs, there is a big difference and the choice of going for one versus the other is quite important in terms of cost and also styling options.

To begin, full lace human hair wigs have the lace material covering the entire head.  The reason this is important is that full lace wigs give you the option of parting your hair in many different places.  In other words, with full lace human hair wigs, you have more styling options.  However, it's important to remember that this great feature also makes full lace wigs a bit more delicate.  Therefore, you should think of full lace wigs are offering more options (and thus cost more), but they are also more delicate.  Lace front wigs on the other hand have the lace material only at the front of the wig.  This is not a big disadvantage since the front of the wig (e.g. the crown) is where people put most partings. The back part of a front lace wig is made of wefts attached to tracks as you would attach a weave onto cornrows.  So, with front lace wigs, it's important to make sure that the tracks on the back of the wig are not exposed (e.g. no updos).  All that said, lace front wigs are significantly more durable, cost less (about 25% to 30% less than full lace wigs) and are easier to repair when they are damaged. Pay attention to our wigs for sale specials. Volure's wigs for sale promotions can save you big bucks and bring within your budget that lace wig you've always wanted! 

The bottom line is that both full lace wigs and lace front wigs have their advantages and disadvantages. Depending on what you are going for one may be more appropriate than the other.  If you are confused, go with a lace front wig or contact us for additional advice. 

Attaching a Full Lace Wig with Glue or Sew In Method

Although some ladies install their lace wigs with glue, we avoid this method entirely.  Installing lacewigs with glue can be quite messy and can damage the client's hairline if not done properly.  Because every client's skin chemistry is different, the hold time for even the best lacewig glue can vary widely, with some clients only having a secure hold for 1-2 weeks. This means that such clients always have to come back to get the wig reapplied or do it themselves.

Our preferred installation method is sew in. A full sew in weave will last up to a month or more, and requires very minimal maintenance. Since we only sell full lace wigs with baby hair, clients need not worry about how the edges of the wig will look as the baby hair conceals the hairline quite nicely.

Human Hair Wigs and Knot Sealers

One often-overlooked trick with human hair wigs is the use of knot sealers.  With time, any human hair wig will shed and lose the hair density it had at time of purchase.  Full lace human hair wigs are even more vulnerable because the hair is delicately attached across the entire head (as opposed to lace front wigs that only have the delicate section at the front of the wig).  Whether you are wearing a Brazilian full lace wig or any other type, the vulnerability will remain.  Knot sealers are spray adhesives that are sprayed inside the wig to reinforce the hair attachments to the lace material.  Spraying should be done before the wig is installed and every time it is washed (after it has dried).  Reinforcing the hairs of a human hair wig is essential to fully enjoying your purchase.  Volure stocks high quality knot sealers that can be used on lacewigs and lace closures alike.

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