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What is remy hair? Remy human hair is hair that is carefully harvested so that the cuticles are perfectly aligned for a softer, silky feel and carefree styling. If you look at your natural hair, it all flows from your part in the same direction. Remy hair does the same thing, meaning it's as close to natural as you can get your extensions to be. 

About Remy Hair

If you want to see the difference between remy human hair and non-remy human hair, think about haircuts in a salon. If a stylist were to put someone's long hair in a ponytail, hold it close and snip, that would produce Remy Human Hair. Conversely, if the stylist were to snip, snip, snip and then bundle the cuttings from a receptacle, the cuticles would be scattered in different directions. Many wigs are made from this process, and they can be softened chemically to make it easier to style; however, it will not have the same outstanding quality as remy human hair.

Virgin remy hair is simply remy hair that has not been chemically processed. One distinct advantage of virgin remy hair is the natural gloss that mother nature provides. Virgin remy hair is not always basic black—many dark haired women have lovely natural auburn or copper highlights and remy weaves made with virgin remy hair can blend these gorgeous naturally highlighted strands in with your own hair for an amazing look.

Remy weaves can be colored or curled. A remy weave doesn't have to be made from pure virgin hair to be fabulous, as due to the alignment of the cuticles it always looks smooth and shiny, even if it is treated by bleach or wave processing. Your remy weave is a treasure, so don't overdo the bleaching or processing. If in doubt about how to care for your remy hair, always ask a salon professional.

Different Remy Hair Extensions

The beauty of remy hair extensions is that they are so versatile. They also come from various countries around the world. Remy hair extensions can be used for special occasions or to rock a glamorous look all the time. Remy hair extensions blend seamlessly and can be used to add length, thickness and highlights to your natural hair. They come in 12-22 inch sizes. Remy hair extension can be applied at home; however, for best results, and especially if you are new to hair extension application, it is best to let us at Volure install your glorious extensions and adjust your remy hair extensions as your natural hair grows so they always fit securely and look natural.

Beautiful women come from many ethnicities, so remy hair comes from all over the globe. What type of hair you choose depends upon which type of remy hair best blends with your natural hair and what look you wish to achieve.

Indian Remy Hair gives you the glitz and glamor you see in Bollywood movies. If you watch those dancers shake their incredible manes, it is no wonder Indian remy hair is so popular. Soft, shiny and thick, Indian remy Hair is a favourite because of its silky feel and natural bounce. If the hair on your head has a naturally fine texture, Indian remy hair extensions or an Indian remy weave will blend well with your own hair and your natural hair growth will be less noticeable at the part. As Indian remy hair does have that silky, fine texture, it is less likely to keep a curl in humidity. Many wearers of Indian remy hair do not see that as a problem. Indian remy hair extensions and Indian remy weaves take well to perms and processing, and many say the chemical treatments only make it stronger, unless done to excess. Indian remy extensions have a sensuous and touchable feel that can't be beat.

If thicker, lush hair is your desire, nothing achieves this look as stunningly as Brazilian remy hair. Brazilian remy hair is not coarse, but it does have more body and density than Indian hair. Brazilian remy hair extensions are a popular choice for African beauties, as it blends naturally, and is easy to style. Our clients are always amazed by how well Brazilian remy hair also holds up to humidity and how well it responds to colour, and hot styling.  Many popular idols on television and in movies achieve their sexy hair locks with Brazilian remy hair extensions. Brazilian remy hair gives you that head turning look you've always wanted.

Recommended Remy Hair in South Africa

Remy hair has become very popular in South Africa. Whether it's a cute ponytail, braids, or hair down for a special event, remy hair in South Africa is stealing the show. Remy hair extensions in South Africa make dealing with humidity and rain easy. Many salons in South Africa install remy hair extensions to create a flawless look. If you cannot afford to have your remy hair extensions in South Africa professionally installed, a good friend with a steady hand and some experience with hair care will help you achieve the look you desire. Remy hair extensions in South Africa are available in retail stores as well as online. Many African women prefer Brazilian remy hair, as it matches their natural hair and has less outgrowth show. As Brazilian hair holds up to warmer, humid climates, it is also a favorite of South African beauties. Judging from recent hair care articles and videos, remy hair extensions in South Africa are quickly taking over as the go-to beauty accessory for busy women who want to look their loveliest. Whether it's black, brown, blonde, curly or straight, there is Remy Hair in South Africa available for any look.

Remy Hair Extensions Price

It pays to do some comparison shopping when buying remy hair. Make sure it is 100% real remy hair, not remy-like hair. Imitation can be a sincere form of flattery, but not when it comes to getting the real thing. One you have found a quality company from where to purchase your remy hair extensions, you need to consider the following.

Are you buying clip in extension for a temporary look or will you be installing “taped in” extensions for semi-permanent wear? Clip in extensions are usually cheaper but need proper installation to keep them looking as natural as possible. Your Remy hair extensions price also depends if you are purchasing remy virgin hair or chemically processed remy hair, with virgin hair being more expensive.

Another factor is the look you want to achieve. Remy hair extensions price is determined by how many bundles you need (if we are talking abour weaves).  The average length for extensions is 12 to 22 inches, and if you want longer, the price for your remy hair extensions set will increase.

One way to save money is if you buy your remy hair extensions wholesale. However, you will only be able to get remy hair extensions wholesale if you are buying more than a few pieces.  So this may only apply if you are having a wedding or some sort of big event where you need to style a number of people.  There are companies that offer wholesale remy hair extensions online, however, we ask that you avoid these as there is no way of validating the quality until you have purchased the hair.  Instead give us a call and see what wholesale prices we can offer. 

Taking Care of Remy Hair

Like all extensions, remy hair does not receive from the scalp receiving those natural oils that keep it conditioned. Therefore, it requires regular maintenance to keep it looking fresh. It is advised that you wash the hair at least once a week with moisturizing, shampoo and conditioner. Here is how to clean the hair. Take a soft bristled brush and gently brush the hair to remove any tangles. Start at the bottom of the extension and move upward. Wet the hair, add shampoo, wash gently. Rinse off the shampoo. Apply conditioner and rinse. Wrap a towel around the hair to remove excess moisture. Take a comb and run through the hair to remove tangles. Let the hair completely dry naturally. Never brush the Remy hair extension or Remy hair while it is still wet. Blow dry hair gently on a low setting. Wrap the Remy hair at night to avoid tangles. Avoid chlorine and salt water, if possible. They could damage the hair.

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