There are a host of hair extensions styles to suit your needs. Hair extensions are simply techniques of increasing the lengths of one`s hair by using artificial hair. In most cases, it is important that you discuss with your stylist before installing the extensions. It is important to know that the textures of hair extension range from extremely kinky or curly to straight or conforming. The particular names of the hair designs differ by brand, and the possibilities of the hair models with synthetic hair are countless. Cleaning hair extensions can be as simple as conditioning real hair, with some minor considerations. For instance, many stylists recommend applying a mild shampoo to the artificial hair occasionally. It is also essential that you discuss with your stylist what shampoo you want to use and the efficient methods of brushing and combing hair.

Types of hair extensions

The following are some of the major hair extension types that you might come across:

Fusion Hair Extensions

The fusion hairstyle can provide one of the most natural looking and dynamic hairstyle out there today. This sort of technique only involves using a heat machine to bind artificial human hair extensions with individual strands of your natural hair for a genuine appeal. The hair stylist attaches a section of the artificial hair to individual strands of the subject`s hair. The heating appliance is then set to the appropriate temperature and used on the joined hair strands. More so, with a fusion extension hairstyle, it is possible to wash your hair every week and use conditioners for an authentic look.


Netting is a type of hair extension that involves the braiding of natural shags of hair under a thin, breathable net that acts as a smooth surface on which the stylists can create hair extensions. This sort of technique offers more flexibility that conventional hairstyles in that styling are not limited to sewing extensions to a braid. This particular style can last for up to two months with proper care. To care for this kind of hair extension, wash it once a week and use a heated cap or hooded hair dryer for DIY maintenance.

Tree Braiding

When it comes to tree braiding, the artificial hair is bound to the subject`s hair by using a basic cornrow design. In most cases, the best suggestion is to use 24-icn hair. The subject`s hair is divided from the front section of the head to the neck while hair extension at the beginning of the braid. Additionally, the twists are added by folding it in half to create a con-row shape with a small knot on the front. The stylist then proceeds to adds 3-5 strokes while pulling out a piece of the hair extension and then braids supplementary strokes and divides another section of hair extension. This sort of pattern continues until all the artificial hair is divided while stylist adds additional hair extensions to the braid and continues the before pattern until it reaches the back. Finally, the hair stylist should tie the end with a hair band or with a small string.

Clip on Hair Extensions

The clip on hair technique involves using hair wefts that have small toupee clips glued onto them. In most cases, a set of clip on extensions can average eight strips of human hair In various shapes or sizes for to fit a subject`s needs. This hairstyle usually begins from the neck area as the hair is divided neatly. The hair wefts are then placed onto the sections with clips and closer to the hair scalp. Each clip is ten careful snapped into place while combing the hair for a more authentic appearance.

Lace Extension

One of the trending hairstyles on the market currently are the lace extensions. Lace extensions are produced from nylon mesh material designed into a cap that is then hand-ventilated by joining single strands of hair into the tiny openings of the cap form for a natural look. More so, this type of hand-ventilated design allows for a natural hair flow than conventional extensions while creating a lighter and more breathable cap. Typically, the extension can be women or attached to the hairline with non-abrasive hair adhesives.

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