Indian hair weaves are trending like never before. From your fashionista, to professionals to celebrities, an Indian hair weave has become a must have item.  Volure sells a wide range of Indian weaves - our products are available in straight weaves, Indian wave weaves, and Indian curly weaves.  Indian hair weaves have excellent properties that make them easy to style and tease into any hairdo you want.  Irrespective of age or cultural orientation, Indian hair weaves are great hair accessory for anyone.

Sourcing Indian Hair Weaves

The hair used in Volure's Indian hair weaves is sourced from India and/or Asian countries.  In India, for example, they are sourced from temples where women cut off their hair as a form of sacrifice and respect.  The temples can then sell this Indian human hair for commercial purposes, and the proceeds are typically applied to achieving some social good.  Indian hair sourced from temples are typically some of the highest quality human hair one can find in the market.  The Indian human hair is used to make Indian hair weaves (wefts) and other Indian hair extensions.

Difference Between Indian Weave and Other Weaves

Although they appear similar on the surface, there are subtle differences between an Indian weave and other weaves: Brazilian, Peruvian and Malaysian hair weaves. To begin with, an Indian weave is usually very light and is not as thick as any of the other weave types.  Because of this, an Indian weave can be styled very easily both in terms of straightening and curling.  An Indian wave weave (e.g. Indian hair weave with a wavy style) holds the curls/waves reasonably well unless your are in a humid environment, in which case the curls may loosen slightly.  Compared to an Indian weave, Malaysian hair appears very shiny. Malaysian hair holds curls better than Indian hair, but is typically worn in a sleek straight style.  A Malaysian weave has the ability to maintain its form for a whole day.  Relative to Indian hair extensions, Brazilian weaves have more body (e.g. they are thicker) and are not as light.  Whereas Peruvian weaves are coarser and generally curlier than Indian hair extensions. However, with an Indian wave weave, you can get the same level of curls - however, they may not last as long as they would with Peruvian hair.

Celebrities with Indian Hair Weaves

From Tyra Banks to Beyonce to Noami Campbell, Indian hair weaves adorn many of our favourite celebs.  Indian hair weaves are highly sought after for many different reasons.  Some love Indian remy hair extensions because of its bold curls and the exceptional ability to create a unique, bold and sassy look (an Indian curly weave is the way to go for this look). Yet others love an Indian curly weave because of its classic effortless beauty. It is soft and has long locks which turn heads time and again. Others love Indian hair weaves with straight texture and bangs.

Indian Weave Prices

Volure's Indian hair for sale range from just below R1,000 to R1,700 per bundle.  Our Indian weave prices depend only on length of the weave. Our Indian weave prices are the same whether the weave is straight or curly.  Occasionally, Volure will put its Indian hair for sale or promotion.  The prices of our Indian hair for sale can be as much as 30% off the prices listed above.  To find our when we are having our Indian hair sales, please subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on social media.  Indian hair weaves are extremely sought after and for very good reason.  Don't miss your opportunity to don one.

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