Supplies 100% human hair extensions. Our Brazilian human hair weaves are highly recommended in Cape Town and South Africa. Just the best human hair extensions.

What Are Human Hair Extensions?

Human hair pieces have been used since ancient times and human hair styles made from purchased hair have never gone out of style. Human hair extensions and human hair weaves are the most sought after types of human hair styles. Human hair extensions are human hair pieces that literally “extend” your hair. Human hair extensions have been also referred to as human hair weaves, although some see the difference as human hair extension are clipped in or sewn in to your natural hair and human hair weaves come with full lace or front lace caps that you glue or sew to your natural hair. As human hair styles vary how much hair you will need, human hair extensions are sold in wefts. How many wefts (packages) you need depends on if you are adding to your own long hair or actually trying to cover your natural hair with human hair pieces to achieve your preferred human hairstyle.

Origin of Human Hair Used in Extensions

Gorgeous human hair comes from all over the globe; however, Brazilian human hair and Indian human hair are much sought after for their natural look, versatility and durability. A human hair weave made from Brazilian human hair is a favorite among women whose natural hair is curly. Indian human hair is finer in texture and generally straighter and has a texture similar to European hair. Many women swear by each type, be it Brazilian human hair or Indian human hair and there is lots to love about each time of human hair weave. A human hair weave, particularly a virgin human hair weave from India is known for keeping a curl and holding up to hot styling tools. Indian human hair is largely gathered from hair donated by Indian women as part of their religious practice. That is why Indian remy hair is readily available, with the cuticle intact. Brazilian women often need a change of style and decide to cut their long, luscious hair, and many salons give them haircuts and even cash payments to donate their beautiful healthy hair to make a human hair weave that will stand up in any weather without frizzing and holds a curl firmly. Both Brazilian human hair and Indian human hair are on the dense thickness side of the spectrum when compared to Chinese or Malaysian hair. If you get your human hair weave made from virgin human hair, you can dye it or bleach it easily. Many women in India and Brazil do not color their hair, so their virgin human hair is alive with natural highlights and shade differentiations that are so beautiful, you may not want to color it.

Best Recommended Human Hair Extensions

Which type of 100% human hair extensions you choose depends upon your natural hair type and styling preferences. It is recommended that you get real remy human hair extensions. Remy human hair is highly recommended as it makes the best real human hair extensions because it is gathered in one piece (as if a ponytail was cut) instead of gathered in pieces leftover from trimmings. Make sure the product you are buying is 100% human hair, not human-like, or faux human hair. Be a savvy shopper and ask your stylist what he or she would advise. Your stylist has is probably in the know about the 100% human hair difference and has recommended the best human hair extensions to her customers. It is also recommended by professionals that you choose real human hair extensions. They are clearly the best human hair extensions, as they last so much longer and look so gorgeous, especially when made from remy human hair. Investing in a set of 100% human hair extensions is one of the wisest beauty decisions a women can make. Synthetic hair is great for “try on” or costumer wear, but nothing looks so naturally shiny and feels so soft as 100% human hair. The old song about “nothing better than the real thing” is totally true when choosing real human hair extensions.

Buying Human Hair Extensions in South Africa

Human hair extensions in South Africa are all the rage. Whether you buy your human hair extensions from Cape Town in a salon, or order from a human hair supplier in South Africa, there is human hair for sale literally everywhere. You don't have to settle for anything less than the very best with the variety of 100% human hair extensions in South Africa. Women all over the world are buying human hair extensions and your hairdresser or friends can recommend the best human hair suppliers that have soft, luxurious human hair for sale. If you walk down any street looking for human hair extensions in South Africa, you will not notice it, but be assured that nearly every lovely woman you see is wearing human hair extensions, particularly human hair extensions in Cape Town. It is important to only patronize stores that supply 100% human hair extensions in South Africa, as some companies say they carry 100% human hair and that is true, but the quality may not be what you are looking for when looking for human hair extensions in South Africa. Make sure that you see what's in the bag before you buy. Ask where it comes from. If ordering human hair extensions from the many wonderful companies online, search for the best value. Value sometimes isn't just price---it's tried and true customer service where human hair in South Africa is sold with your satisfaction in mind.

Different Human Hair Styles

The human hair difference, particularlyly remy hair, is that it is so versatile, you can achieve just about any of the popular human hair styles. Whether you are going for the new popular short human hair styles or curly human hair extensions, the possibilities of what you can do with the hair to replicate the human hair styles you see in fashion magazines and on TV are endless. For short human hair styles, espeically if you want a feathered or fringed look, t is best to buy straight hair, as you will be cutting it to frame your face. If you want soft, supple waves, curly human hair extensions come in tight curls and also loose waves for a casual but polished look. Human hair styles are as individual as the women who wears them, and with step by step beauty instruction articles and videos. installation of human hair has never been easier.

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