From R 775 - R 1,525


From R 1,050 - R 1,800


From R 1,050 - R 1,850


From R 775 - R 1,525


From R 1,050 - R 1,850


From R 600 - R 1,370


From R 775 - R 1,525


From R 1,050 - R 1,850


From R 775 - R 1,525


From R 1,050 - R 1,850


From R 775 - R 1,525


From R 775 - R 1,525


From R 600 - R 1,370

Brazilian weaves are some of the most popular types of weft hair extensions.  Brazilian hair weaves have been around for a long time, and as a result are the go to weave for veteran and new customers, alike.

Brazilian Hair Qualities

Volure is a Brazilian hair supplier with an excellent reputation of providing only the best.  Our Brazillian weaves are known for their soft texture, bounce, versatility and shine. Volure's Brazilian hair for sale come in dark natural colours (between #1B and #2), in different lengths, and are available in straight, wavy and curly styles. Straight styles and textures are never really quite bone straight, but rather most have a slight wave to them. The really important factor with Brazillian hair is that it holds curls, and it does generally curl up somewhat when wet. Brazillian hair is soft and smooth, and will last a long time if it is cared for correctly.

Brazilian Hair Prices

The Brazilian hair prices shown above are for one bundle only.  Please note that these prices also do not include any add-on accessories such lace closures.  Volure offers extremely competitive Brazilian hair prices for excellent quality product.  We are one of the few Brazilian hair suppliers that offer a generous return policy to ensure that you are happy with your purchase.  Other Brazilian hair suppliers flat out refuse to offer replacements or refunds - we believe that not only is this short-sighted, but unfair to our clients.

It is rare to find quality Brazilian hair for sale, given the high demand out there.  We caution our clients about going for cheap quality, heavily discounted Brazilian hair pieces.  Unless you are dealing with an established retailer avoid for sale Brazilian hair pieces - there is likely something wrong with it.  Once in a while Volure will offer our Brazilian hair for sale, and will alert all our clients on our database.  To clients who believe that quality Brazilian hair prices are too high, please remember to look at your purchase as an investment that will last you a long time under the right care and maintenance.  As with anything, and especially with Brazilian hair, you get what you pay for. Enquire about our lay-by plans or Brazilian hair prices not shown here.

Brazilian Weave Installation

Installing a Brazilian weave does not need to be a lengthy and labor-intensive process.  Make sure that you have your Brazilian weave installed by a stylist who has extensive experience installing virgin hair.  The last thing you want is to waste your money because of poor installation.  Volure will also install your Brazilian weave for approximately R450, although prices will vary from time to time.  It's important to remember if you install your weave outside of Volure to tell your stylist not to cut the tracks and instead install by wrapping around.  Secondly, your stylist should avoid stitching through the tracks but go around them.  These two tips will almost eliminate any type of shedding on your Brazilian weave and ensure that you can reuse it easily time and again.

Brazilian Hair Styles

There are may different Brazilian hair styles that can be achieved with Volure's hair.  From short to long to curly to straight, the options for Brazilian hair styles are practically limitless.  Short Brazilian hair styles are trending among those women that don't want to spend ages on their hair in the morning. The Brazilian weave hairstyles that are within the "bob" family have been especially popular.  The bob Brazilian weave hairstyles give a very professional and composed look, while not compromising on beauty and elegance.  

Longer Brazilian hairstyles are preferred by the glam type lady that doesn't mind strutting her stuff with confidence.  Our long Brazilian hairstyles can go up to 32 inches, although generally we don't sell anything more than 26 inches.  For these longer lengths, please give us a call or email us.  

Finally, lets not forget our curly Brazilian weave hairstyles.  Whether its a kinky curly Brazilian weave or a deep curl, you are bound to attract attention with these locks.  Brazilian curly weaves are the go to choice when you don't mind turning heads left and right.  And contrary to what many clients think, taking care of curly Brazilian weaves is often times easier than caring for less curly textures simply because some curly textures allow you to keep the hair untamed and natural looking.  

Brazilian Hair Extensions Care Tips

When it comes to caring for Brazilian hair extensions, the most important thing to remember is moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.  This is because Brazilian hair extensions, and any hair extension for that matter, does not get nutrients from the scalp, so the wearer has to provide this.  Brushing or combing should be done regularly - at least in the morning and before going to sleep.  For straight up to body wave Brazilian weave hairstyles, brushing can be done with a paddle brush.  For deep wave and more curly textures, it's preferable to comb with a wide tooth comb or your fingers.  Washing Brazilian hair extensions should be done with a non-drying sulfate free shampoo once a week or once every two weeks.  In between shampoo washes, a conditioner wash (using only nourishing conditioners) can be done to keep the hair clean.  It's important to make sure your Brazilian weaves are completely dry after washing or you will introduce a musty smell to your weave. Never sleep with wet Brazilian hair extensions, and always tie (or loose braid) your hair and cover it with a satin / silk cap when going to sleep. 

Brazilian Hair Weave Return Policy

We understand that from time to time a customer's Brazilian hair weave may not be what they expected.  So we offer a two week return policy if your find that your Brazilian hair piece is defective in any way.  If you've had your hair for longer than 2 weeks and only find out then that something is wrong, please give us a call and we'll find a way to address the problem.  The quicker you can bring to our attention any issue with your Brazilian hair weave, the faster we can fix the problem.  All hair pieces have the same return policy. Our Brazilian hair for sale or on promotion may have a different return policy. We are here to make sure that you are a happy customer!!

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