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This wig has been known to provide a look that will always give a look beautiful and elegant every time it’s put on. It is a product that is soft and full-bodied. For those that want to always have it fresh in their head, there is a higher maintenance that is needed than other styles. It does not mean that that is a difficult thing to do. Follow the required steps and processes of maintaining it and are ready to go extra miles with.
Features of natural wave lace weave
Each package weighs a hundred grams. You also need to have up to three packs on your torso to have a sweet image. When your have greater lengths, automatically more packages more packages.
The quality of our item is virgin Remy. It means that it's not processed hence the cuticles are intact and properly aligned.
Bleaching and dyeing
Our mane can be bleached, washed and even styled it in any way that is needed. It is possible because it has undergone minimal processing. So, it gives out a chance to do all that is need to it so that it suits you.
How to install and style your hair
An estimate of three rolls is required weighing about a hundred grams. For those that have long hair, they need to know the following:
10-14 inches- two bundles
16-22 inches- three bundles
21-30 inches- four bundles
Always install your wave at our shops, when that is not possible, look for a stylist that will follow the following tips to fix the wave for you.
- Don’t cut the weave tracks; instead, every weave should be kept whole and fixed by wrapping around the head. The primary reason for doing that is, if the paths are cut, there will be loose ends that will lead to shredding.
- Don’t weave through the weave track. Otherwise, sewing will be destabilized and result in shedding over time.
- Straighten and curl your weave the way to different styles.
Care tips for your wave
- Your wave is expected to last for one year or two. It depends on well it is taken care off. Most of our clients have their waves re-applied after 1-2 months so that they maintain that elegant look.
- Do bleaching in whatever color that will suit you. When that option is decided, we highly advise that visit come to our shops. If it’s not possible, seek assistance from a professional stylist to help out. That is significant because when not done well, chances of it being spoilt are very high.
- Before washing your hair, start by brushing it with a paddle brush to ensure that the strands are free-flowing. Those that have straight styles should brush from the tips up to the roots. Don’t attempt to comb with fine combs, they will spoil it.
- When going to sleep, tie your wave into a single twist and cover it with a satin cap.

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