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Women have been torn into pieces because there are many types of hairstyles that they should wear on their heads. Now, most of these hairs also end up looking similar and choosing the right one becomes a bit difficult. As a lady, there is need to stand out from the rest, and that can only be done by going for something that is unique and has never been worn by anyone. Do that and it will make be the center of attraction from the curious on-lookers. Deep wave lace weave becomes the best choice for you.
Features of weave
- It has a top lace base that transparent or one that will perfectly match the color of your scalp. It is good to know that it does not hide the knots used to attach your natural hair.
- They come in various hair-lengths that range from 8 to 26 inches. Those that have mantling hair will need more packs other than the three that are recommended for any regular use.
- It is virgin Remy meaning that it must be processed and it will retains its cuticles intact and makes sure that they are well aligned in the same direction.
Installation tips
- Pull your deep wave closure to achieve a varied density
- Form a-part on the closure by grasping away a little of its hair
- Before putting on the weave, braid the natural-hair to imitate what was created.
- Create the closure onto the mane that was plaited
Care tips for your hair
- Gently detangle your mane before attempting to shampoo it. Support the areas that are appended to the natural mantle so that the clips or the sewn-ins do not get damaged or loosened.
- Use a gentle shampoo and soft wash the mane without scrubbing or pulling. After washing, rinse the entire product from the quills so that no residue is left behind.
- Condition the ends to prevent them from being damaged, use a lightweight conditioner.
- Those in need of a curled appearance, the bristles can be air dried and will naturally resemble a wave. Don’t use heat appliances since they can cause drying and damage.
- bleach or dye your villus but we recommend a professional stylist to do it.
- Don’t use the option of repeatedly repairing your hair. Instead, we advise replacement of the weave after it has undergone 3-4 wears.
- Always ensure that the villus is combed well before it is washed. Start brushing it from the tips to the roots.
- After washing it, use a pre-condition treatment before applying shampoo.
- When it time to sleep, cover it by using a satin cap to avoid tangling and retain moisture.

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