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This is a type of bristle that has been getting a lot of attention from our customers. The deep lace look reasonable particularly when combined with portions of 10-14 inches which people can’t tell it's a weave or natural hair. For a lady that wants to maintain that youthful look, then deep curl weave is the type of wig that will take care of your needs all the time. Maintenance of this mane is easier when we compare it with all the other hairs that are out there.
Key features deep curl weave
Size and weight
Our rolls come in a 100g size. For a complete look, have three packages, mantle dimensions with greater will need more packages.
It has the highest quality of Virgin Remy that is available. For a deep curl style, this virgin mane must be textured. Note that the end product is not rigorously virgin, it uses the special grade of virgin quills that is available. Our weaves remain to be Remy, meaning that the coiffure cuticles are intact and aligned in the same direction.
Bleaching and hairstyling
You can bleach, wash, and style your quills in whichever way. With deep curls, extra care is needed when bleaching is to take place because when it is not correctly done, it will spoil the curled style that is have on your hair.
How to fix your deep Peruvian curls
- Need three rolls for a complete image. The packs are:
10-14 inches- two bundles
16-22 inches- three bundles
24-30 inches- four bundles
We recommend the installation of this bristles at our shops, for those that are unable, look for an expert that will follow the following instructions to make sure that he/she has done the right thing.
- Don’t cut the weave tracks, instead, keep them whole and install by wrapping it round the head.
- Don’t weave through the paths, instead weave around the tracks. Weaving through the paths will destroy the sews that will become loosened as time goes by.
- This cilium can be curled with a narrow-hot-iron. For the curled style have to be maintained, then use water and curling definers.
Care tips for your deep curls
- This coiffure is expected to last for 1-2 years. That will depend on your maintenance procedures.
- Bleaching or dying your wig into any color is allowed, what is advised is to seek the help of a stylist to do it on your behalf.
- While washing your hair, it is urged first to finger-comb it to make sure that strands are as free-flowing as possible so that there is a wash without tangling the hair.
- Don’t brush your mane at all lest the curls are unwounded. Instead, use a tooth finger comb or your fingers to style it.
- Braid out your wave when going to sleep. Take medium sized sections of the weave and braid it all the way to the tip, don’t braid the tips. It’s a process that should not be done every night. Only do it when need defining curls in the morning.
All our products have a return policy that allows to return your goods to us as soon as two weeks of purchase when encounter a problem with them. Contact us and we are ready to do a replacement for you.

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