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R 1,000

Brazilian Knots Body Wave, which are also commonly referred to as Elastic Fusion and Italian Knots, is a specific installation method that involves attaching loose and bulky hair to your natural hair using an elastic thread. This is achieved using the "strand by strand" installation method.

This option is one that is extremely popular with many customers who may not want an actual weave, but who do want hair extensions. This particular style is one that offers the same kind of results that are provided by fusion micro bonding techniques; however, there is never any heat or adhesives involved. Here are some of the most important key product features:

*Each bundle of this product weighs approximately +/- 100g. Typically, two to three bundles are required to cover the entire head.

*The quality of the hair that we use is both remy and virgin quality. The hair must be lightly processed in order to achieve the "Body Wave" look. This means that while the hair is not exactly virgin, it comes form the highest quality possible.

*This hair can be colored, bleached, and styled in any way that you wish; however, bleaching can actually undo the wavy style of the hair.

Installation and Styling Instructions

In order to achieve a full look, you will need approximately two to four bundles of Brazilian Knots Body Wave. Here is more detailed information regarding exactly how many bundles you will need to achieve this:

*For hair that is 10 to 14 inches long, you will need two bundles

*For hair that is 16 to 22 inches long, you will need three bundles

*For hair that is 24 to 30 inches long, you will need four bundles

As previously mentioned, this product is installed via a "strand by strand" method, which involves several strands of loose hair being overlaid onto your natural hair before the entire thing is hand-tied using an elastic thread. Altogether, the entire process can take approximately five to seven hours. In order to prevent any amount of shedding, the hair must be tied together as tightly as possible.

It's also important to note that this hear is meant to be kept naturally wavy, even though it is completely possible to straighten it.

Care Instructions

Your Brazilian Knots Body Weave hair will last you approximately one year or longer. When it comes to installation, they can last anywhere from one to three months, and it's during this time that you will need to shampoo and condition your hair on a regular basis.

As previously mentioned, this is a type of hair that can be colored and bleached in any fashion; however, it is strongly recommended that you either come to our company or a local professional stylist in order for the process to be completed in a more proper manner 

Before washing the hair, you should always first use a paddle brush to ensure that every strand is free-flowing, which allows the hair to be properly washed to where it will not get tangled. Additionally, you should also always use some form of pre-conditioning treatment before shampooing your hair.

These particular knots can be brushed a regularly as possible. begin with the tips of the hair and gently work up toward the roots. A paddle brush should be used for this instead of a fine tooth comb. As you brush your hair, make sure to hold down the elastic knots with one hand as you brush with the other. Doing this will lessen the pulling force and make sure that the extensions don't shed.

Prior to going to bed at night, take the time to tie your hair into Bantu knots and cover the entire area with a cap made out of satin. Tying your hair in this manner will help to maintain the wavy texture, and using this kind of cap will help retain moisture.

Return Policy and Guarantee

You are welcome to return or exchange your Brazilian Knots Body Wave if you experience any issues within two weeks after purchasing them. We invite you to refer to our detailed Return Policy for more details regarding this.