Malaysian weaves are known for their amazing versatility.  Although not as well known as Brazilian or Peruvian hair, Malaysian hair is one of the best virgin hair available.  The hair is used not only for weaves but for lace front and full lace wigs as well.  Volure retails some of the best Malaysian weaves in South Africa, as well as wigs and other hair extensions made from this fabulous hair.

Qualities of Malaysian Weaves

Malaysian weaves are known to have thick and dense cuticles. Because of this, Malaysian weaves are less likely to frizz than some hair types.  Malaysian virgin hair has a strong natural shine that is hard to ignore but doesn't look artificial.  Malaysian virgin hair comes in a deep, rich, dark brown to black colour and is often a shade or two lighter at the ends. Many clients wearing Malaysian virgin hair trim these ends, but many more keep the lighter ends to take advantage the natural ombre look.

A Malaysian weave is usually rather straight, but some Malaysian hair come with a slight wave that makes for a very appealing soft wave look. Malaysian weaves can be permed, bleached and coloured, as well as stand up to flat irons and rollers.  However, we recommend that you do not overdo it, particularly if the hair has been previously dyed or coloured.

Where Malaysian Hair Weaves Come From

Malaysian hair weaves mainly come from Malaysia in South East Asia. Volure's Malaysian hair weaves are both virgin and remy.  This means that the hair we use has not been processed, and that the cuticles of the hair are aligned to produce a strong natural protective layer over the hair.  Our clip in Malaysian hair extensions also use the same hair.  Although clip in hair extensions are more popular with Caucasian women, they are trending ever more with African women.  Volure's clip in Malaysian hair extensions are durable and can stand up to curling and colouring.  In general these Malaysian hair extensions are great for women who want to not only add length but also beautiful colour patterns to their hair.

Malaysian Lace Wigs

A Malaysian lace wig is the perfect solution for those clients who want a break from weaves and hair extensions.   All our wigs come with a soft lace material that is meant to mimic the scalp of the wearer.  This makes the wig look more natural in addition to being breathable.  Volure offers both full and front lace Malaysian lace wigs.  Whether you choose a front lace or full lace wig depends on how versatile you want your styling options to be and how natural you want it to look. Malaysian lace front wigs comes with the lace material only at the crown of the wig.  This is the most important area of the wig and where most women wear their partings.  Malaysian lace front wigs are quite durable and tend to last longer than equivalent Malaysian full lace wigs. 

A Malaysian full lace wig, however, will give you more styling options. With a Malaysian full lace wig, the lace material covers the entire head.  This is what gives the full lace version more styling options - you are not restricted to parting only on the crown area. Malaysian full lace wigs tend to be more expensive because of this versatility. 

Unless a client is very experienced with lace wigs, we typically recommend the lace front Malaysian wigs due to the lower cost and higher durability. 

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