There's no doubt that human hair wigs are the best kind of wigs you can buy today.  Human hair wigs use real hair, which makes the wig look more natural and allows you to style and treat it like you would your own natural hair.  There are different types of human hair wigs - for example, is the wig made from remy human hair or virgin human hair? Is the wig a full lace or lace front? And is it a silk top or lace top?  Volure sells a wide range of lace wigs. Browse our selection to see our full range of human hair lace wigs.

Different Types of Human Hair Wigs

Human hair wigs from Volure are quite versatile and natural looking - these are the key reasons why many clients go for these lace wigs.  You can cut and style these these wigs any way you want. Whether you want it long, short, layered or shaggy, you can get whatever look your want with our quality human hair wigs.

There are two types of human hair wigs that Volure offers.  Full lace and lace front wigs.  Our full lace human hair wigs have a base that is made entirely out of lace.  To this lace material individual hair strands are attached.  What this does is make the wig look very natural, and when parted gives the appearance that the wearer's scalp is showing as opposed to the lace material.  Full lace human hair wigs are therefore typically more expensive given the fact that the lace covers the entire head.  

Human hair lace front wigs on the other hand have the lace covering only the front part of the head.  The back part of the wig (instead of having individual hairs attached to the lace) have tracks onto which wefts are sewn.  This means that styling options for lace front human hair wigs are a bit more limited. However, lace front wigs have the benefit of being cheaper and more durable than full lace human hair wigs.  For first time lace wig buyers, we always recommend a lace front wig. 

100% Human Hair Wigs

Regardless of whether they are full lace or lace front, all of Volure's wigs are 100% human hair wigs.  We do not mix or use synthetic or animal hairs on our wigs whatsoever.  What this means is that you truly get a 100% human hair wig and not a wig that claims to be one!

100% human hair wigs are more natural looking, give you more styling options (e.g synthetic wigs cannot be styled with hot tools because they will melt), and can last a long time if well cared for.  Aside from only having 100% human hair, our wigs use only virgin hair.  This is simply the highest quality hair - virgin hair is hair that has not been chemically processed.  As a result it retains its natural lustre and strength.  Our lighter coloured or heavily curled lace wigs cannot be called strictly virgin as the hair undergoes some processing to achieve the colours or curls.  Our human hair wigs of this type use high quality remy hair. 

Human Hair Wig Prices

The lace wig prices shown on this site are for the wig only and do not include any accessories such as wig stands or knot sealers.  Because human hair wigs use real virgin hair and give so much versatility, you will find that human hair wig prices are generally higher than synthetic wig prices.  If you find lace wigs for sale at less than R1,500, they are likely made of non-human or synthetic hairs.  Lace wigs for sale at Volure use only human hair and will not disappoint.  Consider your lace wig as an investment, and look out for our promotions where we have lace wigs for sale at discounts of up to 30% off the original prices.  Follow us on social media or subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed. When in doubt give us a shout. 

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