Volure delivers clip in hair extensions to anywhere in South Africa.  We are currently based in Johannesburg, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy our high quality clip in hair extensions.  To place an order, call us at 011 787 1707 or email us at We ship product out as soon as payment clears. Delivery takes anywhere from 2-3 business days.

Clip in hair extensions are a quick, easy and fun way to change your look.  Whether for fun or style clip on hairpieces make lots of sense.  In South Africa, clip on hair extensions have become quite popular, and are used across a wide range of age and ethnic groups.  Add volume, length or both with Volure's full bodied clip in extensions.

Best Clip In Hair Extensions in South Africa

Volure sells some of the best clip in hair extensions in South Africa.  We offer 120g, 160g and 220g clip in sets. All our clip in hair extensions are made from the highest quality virgin or remy human hair available in the market.  All our dark coloured (natural black) clip in hair pieces are made from true virgin hair.  This is hair that has not been processed and so retains its healthy and youthful bounce.  Our lighter coloured clip in hair has been processed in order to achieve the desired end colour (e.g. platinum blonde), and so cannot be called strictly virgin.  However, this hair comes from very high quality virgin hair which is then dyed.  Once it has been dyed or bleached, we call it remy hair.  Volure's clip in remy hair retains many of the qualities of virgin hair - you can wash, curl, straighten and otherwise style our remy clip in hair as you would your own hair or any virgin hair out there.  Our remy clip in hair extensions are very smooth, soft, and when taken care of, can last for over a year.  For these reasons, Volure's clip in hair extensions are highly sought after in South Africa and abroad.

How to Attach Clip In Hair

Step 1: Make sure your clip in matches with your natural hairs texture and color. For example, if you have a curly clip in, use a curling iron to get the same style on to your natural hair. If the hair extension is straight, use a flat iron to straighten your hair.

Step 2:  Segment your hair. Using a comb or your finger, divide your hair from the right temple to your left. Section off the top part of your hair and secure it with a hair tie. If you have very thin hair, use a comb and gently tease the lower section of your hair. This will help keep the extension in place once you attach it.

Step 3: It is time to open the clips on your hair extensions. Align the tops of the hair extensions with the horizontal parts you made when you divided your hair and gently push down on the extension and snap the clips into place.  Some clip in hair extensions come in one large piece, while others come in multiple small pieces. If you have a multi clip in weft, attach the clips one by one, making sure you evenly distribute them along the part of your hair.

Step 4:  Remove the hair tie that was sectioning off the top part of your hair. Gently brush the hair plus the clip on hair extensions with your fingers to blend the natural hair with the extensions.

Step 5:  You are all ready to go with your brand new hair style.

Step 6:  Remember to take out the clip ins before going to bed. Do not sleep with the extensions as this will tangle them up.

How to Remove Clip On Hair Extensions

It is very simple to remove clip in hair pieces.

Step 1:  Part your hair to expose the top of the first clip extension. It is advisable to start at the top of your head and work your way down

Step 2:  Place your thumbs on both sides on top of the clip. Next, place your index fingers on both sides under the clip.

Step 3: Press your thumbs down and at the same time press outwards with your index fingers. The clips will automatically snap open from the pressure. If you have more than one clip in a section, open all of the clips before removing the extensions for that particular section

Step 4:  Gently pull the opened clips up and away from your hair. The extension will fall away from your hair easily without pulling any of your natural hairs out.

Step 5:  Repeat steps 1-4 for each section of your hair that has clip ins

Brushing and Washing Clip In Extensions

Clip in hair pieces do not require much shampooing. It is advice able to shampoo the hair pieces after 4 -5 uses. This is because constantly shampooing your clip in hair will leave them looking dry.  Gently remove any tangles the hair extension might have with your fingers. Remove the tangles starting from the ends and work your way inwards. This reduces the amount of breakage.  Remember never to wash your hair extension when still attached to your head.  Next, use a deep conditioning treatment on your tangle free wet hair extension. The treatment ensures the hair extension receives ample moisture and oils it requires to continue feeling silky smooth and looking healthy. Rinse the hair extensions and lay then on a clean towel to dry. It is always better to air-dry your hair extensions and only use a blow dryer that is set on low to medium heat setting.  This is simply to minimize the amount of heat that the hair is exposed to.

Brushing Clip On Hair Extensions

Use a wide tooth comb or paddle brush to comb your hair extensions. When brushing your hair extensions, remember to start from the ends and work your way towards the weft. This will reduce chances of hair breakage. When you are certain the hair extensions are tangle free, brush or comb your hair in a downwards motion. Remember to never comb or brush your hair extensions when they are still wet.

Volure has some of the best clip in hair extensions in South Africa. Visit our shop and see what we have to offer.  If you have any questions about whether clip ins are right for you, send us an email or give us a call. Spice up your look today! 

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