Volure strives to provide its clients with the best quality hair available anywhere and at reasonable prices. For the quality of hair we offer, we don’t believe anyone else in South Africa consistently offers better prices and/or better service.  Remember, all our weaves (Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair, Malaysian hair, and Indian hair), hair extensions, lace closures, and lace wigs come with a guarantee.  If you find something wrong with your hair, please let us know within 2 weeks of purchase to exchange or return the hair (Please read our Return Policy for more information).

Prices for Weaves

The following are prices for Volure's Brazilian Weaves as well as Peruvian, Indian and Malaysian weaves. Our weaves prices are the same regardless of hair colour, or curl type. Each piece or bundle weighs approximately 100g. The prices below are per bundle and you need approximately 3 bundles to achieve a full look.  Please note that short weaves are less expensive than longer weaves.  However prices for curly weaves and straight weaves are the same.    
Length Price per Bundle
10 inches R 1,050
12 inches R 1,150
14 inches R 1,250
16 inches R 1,350
18 inches R 1,450
20 inches R 1,550
22 inches R 1,650
24 inches R 1,750
26 inches R 1,850

Prices for Brazilian Knots

The following are prices for Volure's Brazilian Knots (also known as Bulk Hair Extensions). Each piece or bundle weighs approximately 100g, and approximately 3 bundles are required for a full look. The prices below are for one bundle.    
Length Price per Bundle
10 inches R 1,000
12 inches R 1,100
14 inches R 1,200
16 inches R 1,300
18 inches R 1,400
20 inches R 1,500
22 inches R 1,600
24 inches R 1,700
26 inches R 1,800

Prices for Lace Closures

The following table lists prices for Lace Top Lace Closures, Lace Top Three Part Closures, Silk Top Lace Closures, and Lace Top Lace Frontals. Prices do not depend on colour, curl type or hair type. Prices depend only on length.   
Length Lace Top Closure Three Part Closure Lace Frontal
10 inch R 1,300 R 1,300 R 1,800
12 inch R 1,400 R 1,400 R 2,000
14 inch R 1,500 R 1,500 R 2,200
16 inch R 1,600 R 1,600 R 2,400
18 inch R 1,700 R 1,700 R 2,600
20 inch R 1,800 R 1,800 R 2,800
22 inch R 1,900 R 1,900 R 3,000

Prices for Clip In Hair Extensions

Volure sells 160g Clip In Hair Extension sets. The 160g Clip Ins are thick and are a great choice when you want to add both length and volume. These Clip In Hair Extensions are meant for those with medium to thick hair, and is not ideally suited if you have fine hair. All our Clip In sets come in 10 weft pieces and includes the following: 2 x 20cm weft piece, each with 4 clips | 2 x 15cm weft, each with 3 clips | 2 x 10cm weft piece, each with 2 clips | 4 x 2.5cm piece, each with 1 clip. Together, the 10 weft pieces of our Clip In Hair Extensions are designed to cover your entire head. Only one set is required. All our Clip In Sets are 20 inches in length, and prices vary based on colour.
Colour Price per 160g Set
Jet Black - #1 R 2,100
Natural Black - #1B R 2,100
Dark Brown - #2 R 2,100
Chocolate Brown - #4 R 2,100
Chestnut Brown - #6 R 2,200
Strawberry Blonde - #16 R 2,200
Auburn - #33 R 2,200
Toffee - #20 R 2,600
Honey Blonde - #144 R 2,600
Ash Blonde - #60 R 2,600
Bleach Blonde - #613 R 2,600
Dirty Blonde - #120 R 2,600
Silver R 2,600
Chestnut Ombre - #T2C6 R 2,800
Blonde Ombre - #T2/C20 R 2,800
Teal Ombre - #T1B/Teal R 2,800
Pink Ombre - #T613/Pink R 2,800

Prices for Keratin Bonds, Micro Ring Hair Extensions and Clip in Ponytails

Colour Keratin Hair Micro Ring Clip In Ponytail
Natural Black R 1,900 R 1,900 R 1,900
Brown R 1,900 R 1,900 R 1,900
Blonde R 1,900 R 1,900 R 1,900

Prices for Full Lace Wigs and Lace Front Wigs

The following table lists prices for full lace wigs and lace front wigs made with virgin hair. Virgin Hair is unprocessed Brazilian, Peruvian, Indian or Malaysian Hair. The only processing done to Virgin Hair, if any, is to achieve curls. All our lace wigs are lace tops and not silk tops.  Lace top wigs are more affordable, more durable, easier to repair if need be, and look just as great or better than silk top wigs.    
Length Full Lace Wigs Lace Front Wigs
8 inch R 4,000 R 3,000
10 inch R 4,500 R 3,500
12 inch R 5,000 R 4,000
14 inch R 5,500 R 4,500
16 inch R 6,000 R 5,000
18 inch R 6,500 R 5,500
20 inch R 7,000 R 6,000
22 inch R 7,500 R 6,500
24 inch R 8,000 R 7,000

Prices for Salon Services

We provide salon services to Volure clients who purchase hair extensions, lace wigs or lace closures from us. Unfortunately, at this time we do not offer salon services to clients with hair extensions or wigs from third parties not associated with us.
Service Installation Removal
Weave Only R 400 R 50
Weave & Closure R 450 R 50
Clip Ins R 100 R 50
Lace Wigs Sew In R 200 R 50
Brazilian Knots R 800 R 250
Keratin Bonds R 600 R 250
Micro Rings R 600 R 250
Service Price
Keratin Rebonding R 500
Wig Making R 650
Fixing Closures R 50
Clip In Making R 100
Wash and Blow R 250
Cut and Blow R 250
Styling R 250
Treatments - Normal R 250
Treatments - Moroccan R 400
Treatments - Ladine R 400
Relaxer R 250
Tinting and Highlights R 150
Bleaching R 350
Dyeing R 400
Funky Colours R 650

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