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This is an excellent choice for you if you want to show off a bit of character and give off that energetic and youthful smile. This hair is also perfect for those that are daring but have rational souls that want something new but maintain being part of the group. It has a sleek feel with a strong natural shine. This hair is unique because it can hold curls very well, does not freeze quickly and is naturally dark brown to black.

Key Features of Body Wave Malaysian Hair

- Our hair is sold in bundles, and each bundle is approximately 100g. If you need a fine look, then you need to have three bundles.

- Our hair pieces use the highest quality of virgin Remy that is available. The hair has been lightly processed, meaning that the end product is not virgin in the strictest sense, but it is the best hair anyone can get. A point to note is that deeper and curlier hairs require more processing. All our hairs whether virgin or lightly processed are truly Remy. This means that the hair cuticles are intact and aligned in the same direction thus providing a beautiful sheen.

- Our natural hair has undergone minimal processing and, therefore, can be bleached, blow dried and curled. We don’t recommend you to straighten the hair because it can lose its curls because of putting it under too much stress.

How to install your hair

- You need at least three bundles for you to have a full look. But remember that the longer your hair length, the more bundles you need. For instance, if your hair is between:

10-14 inches- two bundles

16-22inches- three bundles

24-30 inches- four bundles

- When installing your hair, do not cut the weave tracks but instead keep them whole and install them by wrapping around your head. Cutting the tracks will loosen the ends that will lead to shedding.

- Avoid weaving through the tracks instead, weave around the tracks. If you weave through the tracks, it will destabilize the stitching that can lead to shedding over time.

- Our hair has been kept in its wavy texture. Although you can straighten the hair, it is meant to be maintained in its curved form. Although it might become loose over time, you can curl it using curling iron bend rollers to preserve its original form.

Care Tips

- Your hair is expected to last for 1-2 years depending on how you take care of it. Our customers have their hair reapplied after 1-2 months so that they maintain that neat look.

- You can bleach or dye to any color that you want, but we caution our clients to either come to us or look for an expert to do it so that the bleach or dye is done correctly.

- Before you wash your hair, make sure that you brush it first with a paddle brush to ensure that the strands are free flowing. This might unwind the curls, but you will be able to bring them back using a curling iron or plastic rollers.

- When brushing your hair, you have a decision of either using a paddle brush or a finger comb.

- Cover your knots with a satin cap so that you retain moisture in the hair.

Visit us for any help if you enquire problems after two weeks of purchase. Check our return policy for more information.


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