Fringe hairstyles can change your look in no time. Do you want to change the way you look? For many of us who have looked the same for years, a simple thing can add in freshness to your face. You can change your hairstyle and it can in turn make you look better. If you are thinking of getting a new hairstyle for you that will make others go wow, why not look at getting a fringe hairstyle? While there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to getting a hairstyle, most women would love to have the fringe hairstyle because it is stylish and simple to make. Side fringe hairstyles are common, and hairstyles with bangs are loved by all.

What is a Fringe Hairstyle

Why should you get a hairstyle with fringe? A fringe hairstyle is where hair falls over your forehead. It can be in the form of straight bangs that cover your entire forehead. It can be in the form of side swept locks that rest towards one side of your face, called side fringe hairstyles. This tends to work well with wavy hair, although it works with straight here too. You can also get a peek a boo fringe, which is slightly longer and gives the effect of your eyes peeking out. A fringe basically covers your forehead or part of it. It goes well with short hair such as a bob, or long hair too. Straight, wavy or curly hair, a fringe can be had by any one at all.

Who Can Wear Hairstyles with Bangs?

Hirstyles with bangs can be adopted by a wide multitude of people. People with oval faces sport it best. Hairstyles with bangs look absolutely great on petite women too. But if you have a round face or a plus size figure, don’t worry. There are plenty of people like that who love fringes and carry it with panache. The trick is to figure out the right kind and length of bangs for your face and your body frame. There is a fringe for every kind of girl, but every fringe doesn’t suit every face and body type. So, do some research before you visit your hair stylist.

Look at fringes of celebrities who have a face cut similar to yours, and a body type not too different. Get inspiration from there. Then visit a hairstylist you trust, and tell them exactly what you want. It may not be a bad idea to create a mood board (physically or on your smartphone) where on one side you have celebrities whose bangs you really like and you want yours to look similar, and on the other side you have the kind of bangs you absolutely do not want. This will give your hairstylist a clear idea of what you want, and they will be able to give you a haircut you love.

Side Fringe Hairstyles

There are many different ways you can style a fringe. Hairstyles with fringe look good so be sure how you want your fringe hairstyle to be. Side fringe hairstyles are quite popular. They are styling and give a very mysterious look, with part of the face hidden and part showing. Side fringes are for strong daring fashionistas.

You can get the fringe coloured in a different shade but in the same colour family as the rest of your hair. This makes it stand out, and makes you look different from the crowd.

Another way you can style your fringe is by getting highlights of a bold colour like red or electric blue. A fringe has the capability to carry this off.

These simple tips will help you get a fringe hairstyle that is just love to look at and one that your friends will envy you for. Plus, we are really sure you would definitely not be looking the same after you get this hairstyle done.

Taking Care of your Fringe Hairstyles

Let’s get down to the basics now. You have got yourself a fringe hairstyle done. Admittedly, a hairstyle with fringe is pretty popular these days. You know how to pull it off among your friends. So, how do you take care of your fringe? You will need to take care of it daily so that it looks as beautiful and strong as ever.

It is important to take care of your bangs for them to look the same way as they did when you got the haircut, always. Hairstyles with fringes aren’t low maintenance, but they aren’t particularly high maintenance either. Since they are always on the front of your face and in view of everyone, they are the first thing that people see when they look at you.

So, you need to keep them looking fresh. While you may not shampoo your hair everyday, you have to shampoo and condition your fringe every single day, without fail. This prevents it from becoming oily or looking unattractive. Apart from this, remember to get them trimmed and reshaped every four to six weeks. They don’t look very attractive when they poke you in the eyes and make you unable to see anything clearly. So visit your hairstylist regularly.

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