Hair Care Tips under Lockdown

Hair Care Tips under Lockdown

The Lockdown Blues

Its been well over a month since the lockdown began. At Volure we support every initiative to keep our fellow South Africans safe from the spread of the dreaded Coronavirus, hence this blog post!

Being subject to the lockdown ourselves, we have noted how important your mental well being is. The principles of social distancing, working to a degree in isolation and being physically separated from the ones we care about will be with us for quite sometime. In other words, we are more alone with ourselves than we have ever been. 

Look After #1, YOU!


After many years of supplying hair extensions and hair care products to the South African market, we have had to ask ourselves time and time again why do we do what we do. We have discovered that it really comes down to one thing, how good our clients feel when they have great hair. 

Whether its a new hairstyle, a fuller look or finally being able to get their natural look they have been vying for, our customers always feel great when they think they look great. 

Volure's 5 Tips for your hair care during lockdown

  1. Try something new! The risks are low but you need to feel good about yourself
  2. Keep your hair well moisturised. Dry hair breaks and nobody wants that
  3. Promote your natural hair growth, a healthy scalp with well moisturised hair goes a very "long" way.
  4. Why not try a custom made wig? Easy to slip on and off yourself (we are all waiting for the hairdressers to reopen)
  5. Look after yourself! Your natural hair health depends on how good your diet is and how stressed out you are. Its a tough one but put in the right measures to look after you 
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