Choosing The Right Bundle of Hair!

Choosing The Right Bundle of Hair!

So one of the most perturbing things we have seen enter into the South African Weave Market over the years is the emergence of bundles of hair that do not weigh 100 grams!

Who says its 3 bundles and a closure on ever single length of hair? In fact our experience has been quite different! So in writing this blog post we hope to provide a guide to how best choose the number of bundles you need based on the length that you choose.

What does 100 grams of hair look like?

Appearances can be deceiving! The length of the actual weft does not determine how much hair is in the bundle.

Here is a list of questions you should ask yourself when examining a prospective bundle of hair:

  1. How much short hair is in the bundle or what percentage of the hair in the bundle is the length that is being advertised? 
  2. How thin are the ends of the bundle?
  3. Are there any other fabric fibres such as cotton or plastic that are found in the bundle?
  4. Is the bundle consistently thick from the top to the bottom?

When asking a number of hair traders in South Africa what weight the bundles are after doing these examinations most have been honest enough to say 75 grams. So in short not all bundles of hair are equal, even if the actual quality of the hair is good. Remember that a good quality bundle meets the criteria of being good quality hair and good quality in weight as well.

In fact our experience has been that depending on the look that you are going for, you can get 2 bundles of up to 18 inches of hair, with a closure always being an optional extra.

Remember that the shorter the bundle of hair (if the bundle is 100 grams in weight) the more actual hair fibres there are in the bundle.

Here is our official guide to the number of bundles needed when buying 100 gram weighted bundles of hair.

  • 10 Inch - 2 x Bundles
  • 12 Inch - 2 x Bundles
  • 14 Inch - 2 x Bundles
  • 16 Inch - 3 x Bundles
  • 18 Inch - 3 x Bundles
  • 20 Inch - 3 x Bundles
  • 22 Inch - 3 - 4  x Bundles
  • 24 Inch - 3 - 4  x Bundles
  • 26 Inch - 4 x Bundles
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