Hair Extensions Care Instructions

Micro Ring Hair Extensions can be taken care of using the same exact procedures as Keratin Hair Extensions.

Please note that Micro Ring Hair Extensions have one fundamental difference with Keratin Hair Extensions, which makes their maintenance a bit more difficult.  This difference is that Micro Rings bonds are not as strong as Keratin bonds.  Micro Rings are attached to your natural hair by clamping down a metal bead which has in it both the hair extensions and your natural hair.  You will notice that over time, Micro Rings will slip fall off.  This is actually normal.  The more silky and more oily your hair, the higher the likelihood of the extensions slipping off.  For this reason, we recommend Micro Ring Hair Extensions only for those clients with coarser natural hair, and those who want to wear the extensions for a limited period of time. 

Feel free to contact us to consult on which hair extensions may be right for you.

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