Taking care of these knots is similar to taking care of a weave. The main difference is that the Brazilian knot requires careful attention to where your natural hair attaches to the extension with the elastic thread. This may take a long time to add to your hair but gives you a natural look. These knots can last up to three months with proper care. The hair can last one to two years.

 You must keep in mind the hair on your scalp does not receive any moisture. You need to use moisture infused conditions and treatments on a regular basis.

 Installing the Brazilian Knots

 These knots work best with ethnic hair since the hair is able to hold the threads. They will also work well with straight hair as long as it is not slipper. We do not recommend these knots for fine or brittle hair such as Alopecia.

 These knots should be done by an experienced stylist. This is very important. The knots must be tied tight to keep them from shredding.

 For hair that is curly or wavy. We do not recommend these knots for curly hair extensions. They are more likely to shred since more pulling will be performed when tying in the knots.

 Bleach and Colouring for Micro Bonding

 While you can color or dye your Brazilian knots it is not recommended. This can take the moisture out and make the extensions dry. It is more likely to tangle and loosen the waves.

 If you do dye the hair straight hair will not be harmed as much as curly hair. Try to dye your hair before installing the knots. If you do have your hair dyed use an experienced stylist so you do not damaged the extensions. After coloring the hair be sure to deep conditions to restore moisture that is lost in the dying process.

 Washing Brazilian Knots

 Washing the knots is similar to washing a weave.

 It is recommended that your condition twice a month and shampoo once a month.

 It is important to keep as much moisture in the hair as possible. This will help the hair retain as much moisture as possible.


 Conditioning allows the knots to keep moisture while cleaning the hair. You will need

A soft paddle brush

Deep conditioner such as Moroccan Oil Moisture Repair Conditioner

A clean towel

 Step1 : Using the brush comb the hair

 Step 2: Apply the deep conditioner to the hair. Start mid length and do not put too much on the knot itself. Do not rub the hair as this will make it frizzy. Allow the conditioner to sit on the hair for 10 minutes.

 Step 3: Rise the hair with lukewarm water. Pat dry with a towel. Do not be rough. Add two pumps of Moroccan Oil Treatment and allow the hair to air dry.

 How to Shampoo

 You will need

A soft paddle brush

Clean spray bottle

Deep conditioner such as Moroccan oil Moisture Repair Conditioner

Moisturizing Shampoo such as Moroccan Oil Moisture Repair Shampoo

Clean Towel

 Step 1: Brush the hair gently.

 Step 2: Pre condition the hair. Put the conditioner and water in the spray bottle and ally to hair. Let sit for 5 minutes. Do not rise out.

 Step 3: Apply the shampoo. Do not scrub. Work the shampoo in a downward motion. Rinse until the water is no longer soapy.

 Step 4: Squeeze out extra water. Apply a deep conditioner and let it sit for 10 minutes. Rise with warm water.

 Step 5: Pat dry with a towel. Do not rub as it will cause frizz.

 Add some Moroccan Oil Treatment or a silicon serum. Do not lay down or sleep while hair is wet.

 Special Instructions for Wavy Brazilian Knots: These knots will need more conditioner for added moisture.

 Maintaining the curls: After washing apply a curl definer while the hair is damp. Let air dry.

 Drying Brazilian knots

 Pat the hair to remove extra water. Let dry naturally.

 For Wavy Knots: Avoid hair dryers.

 Brushing Brazilian Knots

 You should brush twice a day. You should do so when you wake up and before going to be. This will keep the hair from becoming tangled.

 Start at the top of the hair and brush up towards the roots. Hold the knot with one hand against the head. This will reduce the chance of shredding.

 Use a paddle brush for straight knots and or use your fingers.

 Do not use a fine tooth comb.

 Keeping the Knots Shiny

 After washing the hair use a silicone serum or oil treatment for added shine. Apply this while the hair is still damp and cover the hair evenly. Style as usual.

 Straightening and Curling the Knots

 When using heat use a leave in conditioner first. To maintain the curls we recommend using a curling serum. Do not straighten curly knots. They will become frizzy.

 Never use a heat protection stray that uses alcohol as this will dry out the hair.

 Sleeping with Brazilian Knots

 Do not sleep with the hair wet or it may break.

 Do not wrap the hair in cotton as it will remove oil. If the hair is wrapped use a silk scarf.

 Do not use elastic bands on the hair. Use a soft scrunchie when typing the hair back.

 Brush the hair at night and in the morning.

 Do not braid or tie back before going to sleep. If you must keep the hair in a loose braid.

 Always use a silk cap before going to bed.

 Waking up

 Brush hair in the morning to prevent it from becoming tangled. Start from the ends and move up towards the scalp.

 Your Natural Hair

 You must keep your natural hair healthy. We recommend using

 Hair food such as t444z or Ladine

 Jamaican oil or caster oil for scalp treatment


 A bad hair day is okay.

 If you have an itchy scalp: Add some Moroccan Oil Scalp Treatment. Massage through the hair and leave on for 10 minutes. Rise the oil out. Try to avoid putting oil on the extensions. After rinsing shampoo and condition the hair. It is suggested to use this scalp treatment once a week.

 Dry Hair : If the hair is do not shampoo. Condition once in a while and leave it on for 30 minutes before washing out. Rise out with lukewarm water and add some silicon serum. Let dry naturally.

 Tangling: Be sure to brush regularly to avoid tangle. Take your time when brushing and start and the tips and work your way up. Do not put pressure on the hair. If hair is tangled apply deep conditioner before brushing. Use a wide tooth comb to brush. Allow the conditioner to sit on the hair for 30 minutes before washing out.

 Dos and Don’ts

 Do not uses greases such as oil sheens on the Brazilian knots. This will make them look messy.

 Recommended Products

 Conditioners: Moroccan Oil Moisture Repair , Tresemme or Pantene

 Shampoos: Moroccan Oil Moisture Repair, Tresemme or Pantene

 Serums and Treatments: Moroccan Oil Treatment, Pantene Pro V, Ladine


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