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Full Lace Wigs  

We are able to custom make them to your spec and deliver to your door within 7-12 working days or alternatively you are welcome to order one of our standard products whereby you can expect our usual deliver time


Hair Quality, Colour and Lengths of Straight Full Lace Wigs


  • 150% density for thicker luscious looking hair particularly towards the end of the wig
  • Remy Hair is used
  • Can be imported with a specific colour 
  • Can be bleached by a qualified hair stylist
  • Available in a number of lengths ranging from 10 Inch - 26 Inch


How to Install Full Lace Wigs

Installing our top lace wigs is easy and can be done at home, but the glueless top lace wigs require an expert to do it. At our shops, we prefer to sew them as opposed to using glue or tape. Now if we assume that the adhesives are not used, you need to follow the following procedures:

- Braid your hair into cornrows

- Cut the excess lace that is around the wig. Make sure you maintain your hairline look.

- Attach the wig using clips and sew the wig into the cornrows.

- Style that wig and comb as desired

Care Tips for Straight Full Lace Wigs

- Your wig is expected to last for about 6-12 months. But it will depend on how much you care for it. After that, it will require hair to be added or repaired which is normal due to wear and tear.

- Bleaching or dyeing is not advised because it puts the wig hair under an additional round of processing that dries out the hair and even cause damage if wrongly done. Instead, pick a wig that matches your favourite colour from the start

- Use our step by step washing regulations that have been provided in our instructions, for instance, begin by brushing the wig, shampoo the hair using lukewarm water, use a towel to dry the hair, condition it by using a hydrating conditioner, and towel dry again.

- When brushing your wig, start from the tips and gently work your way up to the roots. Use a paddle brush and not fine tooth combs.

- If you want wavy styles, get wavy lace wigs instead of repeatedly curling your wig. Don’t straighten wavy or curly wigs as this will put a lot of stress on hair over time. You can blow dry your wigs but make sure it is on low setting.

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