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Volure's Fringe Style Full Lace Wigs are a great way to dramatically change a person's look in a matter of seconds. These wigs come in either straight or body wave styles, but Fringe Style Full Lace Wigs with curlier hair are not offered. When a customer purchases a Fringe Style Full Lace Wig from Volure, they have the option of going for traditional symmetrically cut fringe or a side fringe. These wigs have the following features:

  1. The glueless cap option is an adjustable cap with clips to hold the wig in place, and it has lace material that must be trimmed around the perimeter of the wig. Volure recommends having this cap sewn onto natural hair rather than glued, and they advise customers to choose the glueless cap option if they do not plan on taking the wig off everyday.
  1. The removable cap option is similar to the glueless cap in that it is an adjustable cap that uses clips to hold the wig in place, but it does not have the extra lace material that must be trimmed. The wig cap has an elastic band around the perimeter that provides an extra strong hold. The removable cap is recommended for those who plan on taking it off before going to bed every night.
  1. The full lace cap has lace material that covers the entire head, and the hair is sewn onto every part of the lace on the wig allowing for a variety of style options.
  1. The lace top base wigs use a thin transparent Swiss lace that may match the color of the scalp so when the wig is parted, it looks like the actual scalp is visible. Knots hold the hairs to the wig and are visible as small dots, but these dots can be concealed with foundation and are not easily visible with higher density wigs.

Hair Quality in Volure's Full Lace Wigs

The Fringe Style Full Lace Wigs are made with high quality Virgin Hair that is available in various styles, lengths and colors. Darker colored straight and natural wave style full lace wigs have not been processed and its cuticles are aligned and intact. Lighter colored body wave style wigs have been processed to achieve the desired color. Hair lengths come in 8 to 26 inches, but shorter and longer lengths are available.

Wig Installation

Removable Fringe Style Full Lace Wigs can be easily installed at home, but glueless caps requires a professional stylist to be installed. It is recommended that wigs are sewn on as opposed to glued or taped on.

Wig Care

Fringe Style Full Lace Wigs can last 6 to 12 months depending on how well they are taken care of. After this time period, the hair on the wig will need to be repaired or more hair will need to be added, then the hair on the wig can last an additional 6 to 12 months.

Bleaching or dyeing the hair on the wig at home is not advised as this will dry out the hair and permanently damage the wig. If a customer wants to have their wig bleached or dyed then they should have it professionally done by a stylist.

Detailed instructions on washing Fringe Style Full Lace Wigs can be found at http://www.volure.co.za/blogs/care-tips. Use a paddle brush or finger comb to remove any tangles in straight or natural style wigs. Use large tooth combs or finger comb for wigs with curlier wigs. When using a curling iron be sure to use curl definers and heat protection spray. Finally, when using a sewn, taped or glued-on wig, make sure to wear a satin cap when going to sleep to prevent tangling and to maintain moisture.

Guarantee and Return Policy

If there are any problems or defects with any wig that was not caused by negligent usage within the first two week of purchase, the customer can return the wig for an exchange of equal or lesser value. Details of Volure's return and exchange policy can be found at http://www.volure.co.za/pages/return-policy.

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