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This wig is now available from the Volure store. This item represents great value for your money, and it is a high quality product. There are different cap options to allow for the Body Wave Full Lace Wig to be fitted in slightly different ways.

One option is the Glueless cap option. This is increasingly becoming the most popular option for fitting a Body Wave Full Lace Wig to the wearer's head. Without having to use glue a combination of clips and lace are used to attach the wig to the wearer's head. Taking the glueless option makes it easier to be adaptable with the Body Wave Full Lace Wig. In other words it is easier to put on, and then subsequently take off, especially at night time.

Then we have the removable cap option for the Body Wave Full Lace Wig. Essentially that means the whole cap can be removed or indeed can later be replaced in one quick movement. The lace from the wig is completely attached to the cap. Yet it is less lace than is used for any of the other cap options. This cap is the best one to pick if you want to remove your Body Wave Full Lace Wig every single night before you go to bed.

The next option for attaching the Body Wave Full Lace Wig to the wearer's scalp is to use the full lace cap option. Now that is an option, which involves the sewing of all of the lace material to the wig along all of its edges. Picking this option allows the wearer to have greater numbers of styling options. The wider the choice of styling options the more convincing the wig should appear to be.

Colour choices for the Body Wave Full Lace Wig

There are actually quite a few colour options available for people to get these wigs in. They can buy the wig that matches their natural hair colour, or they can get the wig that will match the colour after they have dyed their hair.

Anyway wigs are available from Jet Black at the darkest through to bleach blonde at their lightest. If you frequently change your hair colour buy a few different coloured wigs in advance, or buy one at a time, if colours changed on a whim instead of on a regular basis.


Only the best hair will do for the Body Wave Full Lace Wig


At Volure we only use the hair that will make the wig look at its best at all times. The wig is made from body wave virgin hair. This type of hair is really durable, appears realistic, and is easily styled.

Fitting your Body Wave Full Lace Wig


Well it is as easy as ABC. Just use clips and sew the lace to the wig.


Lifespan of Body Wave Full Lace Wig


Generally the lifespan of these wigs is around 6 to 12 months. The better you look after the wig the longer it tends to last. You will need to add extra strands of hair to it to extend its lifespan, by an extra 6 to 12 months.


Styling to get the most from the Body Wave Full Lace Wig

Wash your wig about once a fortnight, remembering to brush it with a paddle brush. Then apply a conditioner. Both steps prevent the hair of the wig getting tangled. Blow dryers can be used on low and medium settings to dry out your wig. 

Try to avoid bleaching or dyeing your Body Wave Full Lace Wig as it could be ruined. Buy a wig in a different colour.


Replacing your Body Wave Full Lace Wig 

If you are not happy with your wig it can be replaced by another one within the first fortnight after purchase.

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