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These extensions are as delicious as they sound. This hair has made several people proud and respected all the way from Hollywood celebrities to stylist professionals across the globe. It does not matter which type of hair you have, and you only need to claim this one and accentuate it with Volures chocolate brown hair extensions and see the difference.

These extensions are extremely popular because they don’t need any glue or keratin to install them and are easy to remove if a need arises. They come with a loop that when it is pulled, will force your natural hair into a ring that will have hair extension strands. With your natural hair and hair extensions in the same boat, you can now use pliers to flatten and secure the attachment.

Each bundle has been made with approximately 100 strands weighing 1g. Therefore, most clients will need 1-2 packages to install in the heads. These hair extensions have the highest quality and have been processed to achieve the desired color. It also has cuticles that have been aligned together to provide a natural healthy look.

How to install your micro ring hair extensions

- First of all, you need to have bundles or strands, but ours are sold in packages rather than strands. The number may differ from one client to another because of the desired volume that she might need,

- Micro rings come with a large loop through which your natural hair is going to be placed. When one end of the natural loop is pulled, your natural hair will be forced through tiny micro rings that have strands of hair extensions already attached inside. Special pliers are used to press and bind your natural hair with the hair extension strands. Your extensions are now secure after installation.

Care tips summary

- You can bleach or dye your hair extensions even after installation, but this should be avoided because you might need a professional stylist to do it for a fee. Instead, buy the right color that you need from the beginning.

- Your extensions can be washed or shampooed because they are made from natural hair. Always remember to brush your hair so that it flows smoothly.

- You can straighten, curl or hot roll your chocolate hair extensions to any style that is pleasing to your eyes.

- To make sure that you have maintained you hair daily, ensure that you brush it in the morning and evening using a paddle brush. Always start from the ends to the roots. Brushing will prevent your shedding hair from accumulating at the attachment points and create an untidy dreadlock look. We also recommend that the attachment sections should be pressed to the scalp to support the bonds while brushing

We are always open to our customers anytime. If you realize that something has gone astray after weeks of purchasing, you can return it to us for a replacement of equal or lesser value. You can get more information on our return policy and feel free to contact us anytime.

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