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Our Celebrity full lace wig is the perfect choice if you would like to look like, or at least have the same hair as your favorite celebrity. We only offer the highest quality full lace wigs that are made on a full lace cap to allow you to style, and part the wig any way you desire. They are made only with the best quality human hair in order to last longer, be more realistic, and have greater versatility than traditional wigs.

Installing Celebrity Full Lace Wigs

1: Put on a flesh colored wig cap, and tuck all of your real hair inside of it. Adjust the wig cap so it sits on the front of your hairline. You do not need to wear a wig cap, however you will need to comb your hair back away from your scalp line.

2: Trim the lace on the full lace wig the first time you wear it. You will only need to do this once. Place the wig on your head. Use hair clips in order to attach the wig hair back away from your scalp line, and then trim any of the lace that is sticking out past the wig hairline with a pair of sharp scissors. Only cut small amounts of lace at a time so that you avoid cutting too much. You need to be careful to avoid cutting any of the wig hair. Leave no more than an inch of the lace sticking out past the wig hairline.

3: Clean the skin located by your hairline with a cotton ball or Q-Tip that is soaked in isopropyl alcohol in order to remove any body oils. This will allow the adhesive to stick properly.

4: If you have sensitive skin, apply scalp protector to the skin near your hairline.

5: Attach wig tape around the edges of the full lace wig. Make sure to apply to the edges of the lace around the underside of the wig. You can use with a wig adhesive also.

6: Using a cotton swab or Q-Tip, apply a thin layer of wig adhesive to your scalp. Allow it to dry.

7: Position the wig upon your head. Part the hair down the middle in order to find the mid point of the wig. The middle of the wig hairline should line up with the middle of your forehead at your hairline. Next, press down on the wig’s edges for approximately five seconds so that the adhesive sticks.

8: Style your celebrity full lace wig as desired.

Washing Full Lace Wigs 

Brush the wig gently in order to remove tangling and teasing by using a wide tooth comb. Start at the end and work your way towards the roots. Fill up your sink with cool water and some shampoo. Make sure to never use hot water. Soak your wig for three to five minutes while gently swirling. Do not rub the wig. Remove the wig and rinse in cold water. Squeeze out any excess water gently and towel blot the wig. Do not wring out or twist your wig. Place the wig on a folding wig stand, spray with a leave in conditioner, and allow it to air dry. Once the wig is one hundred percent dry it is ready to style. Do not style a wet wig, always allow to completely dry.

Maintaining Your Celebrity Style Full Lace Wig

It is always best to store your wig on a wig stand. That will help protect it from becoming soiled and tangled in between the times that you wear it. Store in a clean dry place away from high heat, humidity, and dust.

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