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Tangle teezers are a must have accessory for anyone wearing weaves, clip ins or any other type of hair extensions.  Tangle teezers work wonders and can turn a bad hair day into your favourite day!  Volure's detangler brush is popular in South Africa and abroad, and can be yours today. 

What is A Tangle Teezer?

A tangle teezer is a specialised brush designed to help detangle hair.  While Volure provides hair extensions that do not tangle easily, at some point all hair extensions and weaves tangle.  The likelihood of tangling increases the longer the hair length. Tangles should be proactively removed so that they do not grow and become a problem.  This is where the tangle teezer comes in.

Benefits of Detangler Brushes

Detangling brushes are great for clip in hair extensions, weaves and lace wigs. Volure's tangle teezer hairbrush has super soft bristles that work gently to untangle any hair. Whether you have permed hair, long curly weaves, kinky curls, our detangler brush will instantly banish any tangles and knots without hair breakage. The brush has an innovative centralized concave design that helps deliver firm, gentle strokes from the roots of your weave to the ends. Our tangle teezer glides through any hair with no tugging, pulling, or yanking required. We advise clients to keep a detangling brush in their purse to help keep tangles at bay any time of the day, especially on those windy days that throw your hair all over the place.

How to Detangle a Weave or Hair Extensions

Most of the time detangling a weave or hair extension is quite easy.  But before we get there, it's important to note that a lot of the more serious tangling problems can be avoided through regular brushing of your hair.  With weaves and hair extensions, brushing a minimum of twice a day is required to keep the hair flowing and looking great.  When your extension or weave tangles, the approach to detangling depends on the how severe the tangling is.  For light tangles, you need not wet or condition the hair.  With a detangling brush, simply start from the bottom of the extensions and work your way towards the roots.  Once you have reached the top, you can brush all the way down in longer strokes, which will also give the hair a bit of sheen.  For heavy tangles, the approach is slightly different.  Heavy tangles happen when the hair almost starts to dread as a result of too infrequent brushing or due to use of oily hair products not intended for weaves or hair extensions.  With heavy tangles, you will need to apply a moisturising conditioner and leave it on the hair to soak for about 20 minutes.  Then place the hair on a flat surface and patiently work out the tangles with the tangle teezer.  It is important that you take your time and not try to finish too quickly or you will end up breaking the hair.  Once you have worked your way to the top, you can brush with longer strokes to make sure the hair is flowing from top to bottom. 

The best way to detangle a weave is not to let it tangle in the first place by properly and regularly brushing your hair. However, if tangles creep up, our tangle teezer detangler brush will address the problem in no time.

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