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About T444Z Hair Food

T444Z Hair Food is meant for your natural scalp to promote hair growth, and is not meant to be applied on weaves, hair extensions, lace wigs or closures. 

T444Z Hair Food is one of the most popular hair foods for African hair currently in the market.  The product is essentially a cocktail of different extracts that have been proven to deal with various hair problems, including hair loss, hair line damage, thinning hair, brittle and dry hair, itchy scalp, dry scalp and dandruff among others.  It is the mixing of these different extracts that allows T444Z to cover such a wide range of hair problems.  Although each person’s body chemistry is different, clients who use the product regularly over a period of two months have experienced great results.  The product has been known to promote the healthy hair that grows strong and without having to use any other product.


How to Use Your T444Z Hair Food

Please follow the below instructions on how to use T444Z Hair Food:

First, wash your hair thoroughly to remove all the dirt and other products.

Second, dry your hair completely with a towel until no dampness is left, avoid using a blow dryer (it means leaving your hair for some time until it is dry)

Finally, apply T444Z using your fingers to the scalp and massaging it thoroughly to ensure even distribution to the whole head.  Please note that this product is meant to be applied to your SCALP for best results in promoting healthy hair growth. Applying T444Z to your actual hair will not achieve this.

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